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Oblivion War Cry New Dimension "Silver" - Complete English Translation

UPDATE: (11-09-11): Updated for the new "Silver" release.

UPDATE (7-17-11): Updated fish scripts. They should now always remain in the water. Also included optional patches for Alive Waters and Mart's Diverse Water Life which includes the improved AI, and changes these other fish mods to play nice with SeaWorld. No more waves of dead and shore-hopping fishes!

As of this version this is now a truly complete translation. This is based on the latest German "Silver" version of Eddy's mod, found here:

OWCND - German Version
(Download all files from here FIRST!)


You must first download "OWCNDMainSilberDV," "OWCNDPart1," "OWCNDPart2," "OWCNDPart3," "OWCNDPart4," and "OWCNDPart5? at the above link to the German version. Next, download my "OWCND-EV Silver" English translation from this page. Also, grab my "Player Housing" translation also from this page.

First off, I recommend creating a temporary folder somewhere other than your main Oblivion data folder, so you can extract everything from all the packages to one place first without actually putting it in with all your other mod data just yet. This can also come in handy if you want to make a Bain installer out of it for Wrye Bash, which basically consists of creating a .RAR compressed file out of the whole things once its all extracted.

From OWCNDPart1, from the "owcndteil01" folder, extract "Data" to your temporary folder.
From OWCNDPart2, from the "owcndteil02" directory, extract "Data" to your temp folder, saying yes to overwriting existing folders/files.
From OWCNDPart3, from the "owcndteil03" directory, extract "Data" to your temp folder, saying yes to overwriting existing folders/files.
From OWCNDPart4, from the "owcndteil04" directory, extract "Data" to your temp folder, saying yes to overwriting existing folders/files.
From OWCNDPart5, from the "owcndteil05" directory, extract "Data" to your temp folder, saying yes to overwriting existing folders/files.

Lastly, extract OWC - New Dimension.esp, OWC - Mannequin.esp, and OWC - Seaworld.esp from my English translation package (OWCND-EV Silver) to the "Data" folder which the other files have put in your temp folder. Extract the English "OWC - Players Home.esp" to this data folder as well.

That should be everything. To complete the install, either make a Bain/OMOD archive out of this complete "Data" folder in your temp directory, or simply copy the contents (not the Data folder itself, but everything in it) to your main OblivionData folder, once more saying yes to overwriting.

As an aside, the load order should go like this:

OWC - New Dimension.esp
OWC - Mannequin.esp
OWC - Seaworld.esp
OWC - Players Home.esp
Other OWCND-related patches...


In the latest version I have included a translation of the UI Eddy created, if you opt to use it. Just copy the "menus" folder from "Optional - English UI" to your data folder after you have done the full installation. If you prefer to use another custom UI such as Darn or my Immersive DarkUI, just delete the "menus" folder after doing the main install and skip the step of copying the "Optional - English UI" mentioned above, and instead install your preferred UI as indicated in its documentation.

I still recommend you check out my own custom UI. I have posted a new version with a patch to make the loading menus fit for OWCND:
Phinix Immerse Dark UI


Also, I have included an optional file if you prefer to use the vanilla Oblivion level-up system. This can come in handy if you are also using mods such as OblivionXP which alter the level-up system, so you don't end up getting two menus. Just copy the "OWC - New Dimension.esp" .ESP in the "Optional - Vanilla leveling system" folder instead of/over the main one. (I have fixed the issue of it not taking effect if you already started a game with the normal OWCND install, so you don't need to worry about typing anything in the console.)

IMPORTANT!: If you have already created a Bashed Patch (for Wrye Bash users) using the German version or any other English translation, you MUST first copy the empty stock Bashed Patch from your Mopy/Extras directory, replace your current patch, and re-build from scratch. Otherwise there may be lingering German bits from other mods!

I'd like to thank Eddy Kaschinski and Team, Bethesda, TES4Edit, Nifskope, and Google! =)

Also, please stop by Eddy's World