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You can now see all perk descriptions in skill tooltips.

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Version 1.1 and above requires OBSE v0020.
It is highly recommended to use this mod along with DarNified UI or any other mod that will make interface elements and fonts smaller, otherwise tooltips will be too large to fit on screen. If you still prefer vanilla UI then I made optional XML download that will make tooltips somewhat larger so whole text can fit.

This mod updates skill descriptions by adding perk descriptions. You can now see what awesome perks await you when you reach the level of Apprentice, Journeyman, Expert or Master, or use it as an easy way to remind yourself of learned perks, just by pointing at desired skill and reading tooltip. It should look something like this:


Maintain weapons and armor at top efficiency. Worn weapons and armor are less effective.

Apprentice: Hammers last twice as long.

Journeyman: Repair magic items.

Expert: Repair to 125%.

Master: One hammer lasts forever (can be acquired via fortify skill).

Governing Attribute: Endurance

Version 1.1: There were bugs when displaying long skill descriptions in training and other menus. This has been fixed by using script to dynamically update skill descriptions only when viewing through stat menu. OBSE v0020 is needed with this version.

Version 1.0: Change skill descriptions to include perk descriptions.