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Julienne is back. This file provides 4 companions, more than 800 new items, more than 50 spells and other various features.

Permissions and credits
Julienne is back.

I used to be a modder and created a mod. I think few people remember me and the mod. The mod used to be on TES Nexus. Circumstances no longer allowed me to stay in the community or share the mod, however. I withdrew the mod, closed my blog and left the community. I continued to improve the mod for fun. After some time, my gaming computer broke down, which compelled me to stop modding. The mod was improved from ver 6.2 to ver 6.4.

This is the mod. I happened to find it in my removable hard drive when I was deleting unnecessary data. I believe that this mod is now out-of-date. Few people will want it. However, allow me to share it again. I could not delete it.

Two years have passed since my gaming computer broke down. I still do not have one and I forgot how to mod. Even if you report a problem with this mod, I cannot fix it for the above reasons. I cannot even play Oblivion. I am sorry, but I am not a modder I used to be. Your understanding would be appreciated.

You can do whatever you wish with this mod without my permission. Enjoy anything if you feel like it.

The readme and the manual are slightly revised.

If you have any difficulty in meeting Mystina's demand or seeing the extra companion, I would refer you to my post at 15:17 on 3 July 2011 on the comment thread for this mod. Thank you.

First fo all, English is not my primary language. You may find some strange and/or rude expressions in this description and the manual of this mod. There may be also wrong expressions in the books that this mod provides. Your understanding and patience would be greatly appreciated.

I hope that you will enjoy the various features of this mod. All fundamental features as a companion mod are of course included. Although this file adds more than 800 objects, they do not affect those of original Oblivion negatively since they are added as new ones.

The merits of the companions in this mod are their flexibleness, unique personality and unique specialization. You can, for example, order some of them to change their combat styles, primary weapon, adjust their spells and so on. However, every companion is not meant to be perfect. Each of them has flaws as well as beauties. For exapmle, the alchemist Julienne carries ingredients and potions, and will help you by offering alchemic services, but she is mean as a fighter. The swordsman Ophelia fights fiercely and offers the work to forge weapons, but there will be few things that you can specially order her to do. The assassin Melissa can perform any part in combat by changing her class, but she does not exceed the others in each specialization. The sorceress Mystina has deadly spells, much Magicka and excellent resistance to magic, and you can turn on/off her specific schools of magic, but she will be frail if involved in melee combat. If you have already downloaded this mod, please check the manual, where you can check further information.

All the objects except for other authors' creations are visually same as those of original Oblivion or those whose mesh is altered . Please do not expect visually new objects. I have no talent nor skill to create objects from the beginning. The difference is their unique effects and performance by attaching script, enhancing their attributes, or combining various effects. Please just ignore the appearance not being refined even though it disappoints you. I hope you will put their 'effects' to good use, not their 'appearance'. If you have already downloaded this mod, please read up on further information described on the manual.

This mod adds lots of things, but there is no need to know everything about the mod in advance. For example, if you would like to use only a companion, you will need to check in the manual only the information on the companion. Also, you can often get necessary information at the same time when you get something new. You will, for exapmle, get a book or the kind in the game to tell you how to use item/spells. Of course, it would be best to read up in advance on all the texts in the manual, but I hope you will enjoy this mod in your way at your own risk. Nevertheless, one thing strongly recommended is that you hesitate to use what you do not know how to use. Please check the manual whenever you face something unknown. Without knowing appropriate use, a few features might cause your game to break in game-blance, or literally break in the loss of essential things like Nirnroot or important NPCs.

Thank you very much for your understanding and patience.

Summary of the features in the latest version

=> 4 companions + 1 extra companion
=> Julienne : An alchemist who will help you, providing alchemic things
=> Melissa : An expert of all arts who will perform any part in combat
=> Ophelia : A fighter who will fight for you aggressively (requires you to pay some money for help)
=> Mystina : A sorceress whose spells are quite deadly (requires you to give her something for her help)
=> ??????? : A necromancer (requires you to complete something like a quest for her help)

Other features And New Objects
=> Alchemic boxes of Julienne
=> A box which melts existing weapons into alchemic ingredients
=> A box which extracts existing alchemic essence from potions
=> A box which extracts existing alchemic essence from alchemic ingredients

=> Books
=> 180 books which teach spells to their possesser (PC/NPC)
=> 24 books which enhance skill levels of their possesser (PC/NPC)
=> An ingredients dictionary
=> A potion dictionary
=> A poison dictionary

=> Containers
=> 2 useful boxes and 8 additional boxes for a player
=> Customer's box in Julienne's shop
=> A portable trash can
=> Additional portable containers where you can place your things

=> Explosive
=> 12 bombs which damage your enemies with their explosion
=> 3 bombs which give some deadly effects to your enemies with their explosion

=> Ingredients / Custom Potions
=> 104 new ingredients
=> 134 custom potions
=> 5 special potions

=> Scrolls
=> 5 scrolls of deadly spells

=> Services
=> Forging existing weapons from materials

=> Spells
=> 45 enhanced spells
=> 19 custom spells
=> Prying Eyes
=> Celestial Judgement / Celestial Storm
=> Meteor / Meteor Shower
=> Tornado
=> Summon Evil Rat
=> Summon Hell Hound
=> Summon Unicorn
=> Vanish

=> Utilities to obtain existing objects (for users without the console, or who hate to use the console)
=> All the existing ingredients are buyable
=> All the existing apparatuses are buyable
=> Existing fundamental spells are buyable
=> All the existing clothes are buyable except for those concerned in quests and enchanted> All the existing amulets are buyable except for those concerned in quests and enchanted> All the existing rings are buyable except for those concerned in quests and enchanted> All the existing dishes are buyable for your table arrangement
=> Common things are buyable like Lockpicks, Torches or Soul Gems

=> Weapon, Armor, And Clothes
=> 90 custom weapons which you can draw and attack with quickly
=> 10 custom arrows which fly faster and reach earlier to a target
=> 10 heavy bows which have more power
=> 10 heavy arrows which have more power
=> 17 much effective items hidden somewhere in Tamriel

=> 96 weapons with new effects
=> 16 arrows with new effects
=> 23 clothes or armors with new effects
=> 34 staves with new effects
=> 10 micellaneous goods with

=> Staff of Resurrection (can resurrect a target)
=> Staff of Reanimation (can reanimate a target)
=> Staff of Unicorn's Horn (teaches you a spell 'Summon Unicorn')
=> 12 Feather Rings (reduce your encumbrance)
=> Enchanting Amulet (enables you to enchant when equipped)
=> Spellmaking Amulet (enables you to spellmake when equipped)
=> Ring of Necromancy (summons six undead creatures at the same time when equipped)

What to download
The latest archive contains all the requirements. Also, it comes with the Japanese readme and manual.

How to use
Please read the manual in each archive for further information.

Requirements, Conflicts & Incompatible mods
Requirements => None
Each archive contains all the requirements.

Conflicts => None known
Although some suspicious matters were known as to the previous version, but few conflicts will occur in the last release, because the location of Julienne's shop has been moved to a new cell. Some objects remain in Chorrol, but they have been adjusted so that they may not interfere with the mods that edit Chorrol cells, like open cities or overhaul-mods.

Incompatible mods => One mod
"5 Explosives" by Pela/Quistena (me)
If you would use this mod, that will need to be un-installed.

Bugs & Problems
No bugs known at present.
No problems known at present.

Before Installation
Before using this file, please backup your save data file just in case. It is not absolutely required, because I have never found any bugs in my test. Nevertheless, I would strongly recommend you to protect yourself.

To set the objects normally, it would be recommended to start a game in which your player character is not in/near Chorrol. For the Chorrol cell and the Chorrol South gate cell is used as the initial location of the objects that this mod provides. The above process is required only on the first instance.

CAUTION! (for users of previous versions)
The latest version is quite different from old ones. It might cause some problems to overwrite old files with new ones. It would be recommended to clean your save data by un-installing the previous version that you are using. First, take away all your items from the companions' inventory or the additional boxes, lest your items be deleted when the the old version is un-installed. After the old version is removed, start the game without installing the new version. Then, save the game, which will get it cleaned. Afterwards, install the new version.

Copy the following file and folders into the "Data" folder where TES4 Oblivion is installed (Oblivion/Data). Then, activate the esp as a Data file from the Oblivion Launcher.


See also the "Options" section below.

You have the four options to adjust this mod to your tatse.

1. Swear Filter Option:
You can turn on/off bad language which a character in this mod uses.

2. Game Balance Option 1:
You can decide whether recruiting more powerful followers requires your level to be higher. The topic to recruit a companion will not show up until your level reaches:
10 (Julienne)
15 (Melissa)
20 (Ophelia)
25 (Mystina)
30 (The extra companion)

3. Game Balance Option 2:
You can decide whether the companions are tagged as essential NPCs.

4. Fast Travel Option:
You can disable Fast Travel if you wish. This option is made originally for my personal use.

You will find the option menus to come out automatically in the first run. Please adjust as you like. Should you have no idea which ones suit you, it would be recommended to reply:
"Yes" to Option 1
"No" to Option 2
"Yes" to Option 3
"Yes" to Option 4
Perhaps, the above would be a safe choice to most players.

Set up the options of this mod after other mods have been set up, or set up other mods after the options of this mod have been set up.

The last update 5.0 => 6.1
Greatest Addition 1
Thanks to Greenwarden for all her hard work, all the lines of the companions in this mod have been revised. All the credit of the lines goes to Greenwarden.

Greatest Addition 2
Thanks to Ozmo for his generousity to share his great "Indigo Armor", the new sorceress companion got the most suitable outfit. All the credit of the cute amour goes to Ozmo.

Greatest Addition 3
Thanks to Petrovich for his generousity to share his great "UFF Black Courtesan Dress", the assassin companion got the most suitable outfit. All the credit of the gorgeous dress goes to Petrovich.

I am really grateful to the above three wonderful modders. Other addition, improvement and alteration are as follows.

=> A companion Mystina has been added
=> Another companion ??????? has been added (secret)
=> Julienne's new shop has been added
=> 18 spells have been added
=> 8 feather rings have been added
=> 10 bombs have been added
=> 23 clothes have been added
=> 35 staves have been added
=> 6 potions have been added
=> 5 scrolls have been added
=> 17 deadly items have been added
=> 96 weapons have been added
=> 10 miscellaneous artifacts have been added
=> 6 extra spells have been added
=> 1 extra ring has been added
=> 2 useful boxes and 8 additional boxes for a player have been added
=> All the clothes have come to be buyable
=> All the amulets have come to be buyable
=> All the rings have come to be buyable
=> All the dishes have come to be buyable

=> Auto-sneak function has been added
=> "At ease" mode has been improved
=> Summon-companion crystals have been added
=> Power of spells of Julienne and Melissa has been revised
=> Power of some potions has been revised
=> Effect of skill books has been revised
=> Meshes of light bows and heavy bows have been altered
=> Box of Melting has been revised (bigger weapons yield more pieces of their material)
=> Box of Melting has been extended (You may find enchanting stones like Sigil Stone in the box)
=> Face textures of the comapanions have been revised
=> Swear filter has been added
=> Game balance options have been added
=> Wrye Bash nVidia Fog Fix has been applied

=> Julienne's shop has been moved outside of Chorrol
=> Julienne has begun to sell essential oils
=> Julienne has come to carry essential oils
=> Julienne has stopped selling explosives
=> Julienne has begun to sell some staves and alchemic dictionaries
=> Melissa has stopped selling enchanted arrows and Mystina has begun to sell them instead
=> Diane has stopped selling the spell 'Prying Eyes' and Mystina has begun to sell them instead

Credit of Julienne
=> Electrovoice (revisor / adviser)
=> Revising some lines in this mod
=> Sharing good ideas of Julienne's conjuration spells and spell books
=> Sharing gorgeous screenshots and amusing stories of his experience with Julienne
=> Improving my English

=> Greenwarden (revisor / adviser)
=> Revising the lines of all the companions (English Localization)
=> Creating new chracters' lines
=> Improving my English
=> Sharing helpful advices with me and other users many times

=> Quistena aka Pela (me)
=> Script, AI, character-gen, the other features

=> Bethesda
=> All the content in TES4 Oblivion
=> Acidoangel
=> The great textures and meshes of the 'Cute Elves'
=> Babe
=> The lovely hairs of the "Babehair"
=> Nami & I_Raim
=> The nice bottles for the bombs and alchemic ingredients
=> Ozmo
=> The cute outfits of the "Indigo Armor"
=> Petrovich
=> The gorgeous outfits of the "UFF Black Courtesan Dress"
=> Ren
=> The fabulous "Ren Beauty Pack"

=> Bethesda
=> TES Construction Set
=> The NifSkope Team
=> The Nifskope

Test / Bug report / Idea / Support / Others
=> Amane
=> Sharing the idea that some explosives would be enjoyable
=> Catmagnet
=> Sharing the observation that the "feather rings" may conflict with the mods that affect the encumbrance-system.
=> Guabaman58
=> Sharing amusing ideas
=> Encouraging me
=> Jackal32
=> Sharing lots of ideas and bug reports
=> Jhorrie65
=> Reporting a problem of path grid(s) and telling me how to solve it
=> Juna
=> Enjoying this mod from the first release and always encouraging me
=> Sharing the suggestion that Julienne should have her shop guarded by someone
=> LoRd KoRn
=> Pointing out my mistakes of the English langauge
=> PunisherX100
=> Sharing the suggestion that the bombs should be more powerful to help advanced players
=> Mbv
=> Sharing the suggestion regarding 'Melting Box'
=> Renga
=> Reporting the bug in Julienne's boxes
=> Rpsnow
=> Improving my English
=> Praecox
=> Reporting the suspicion that Julienne may conflict with other mods
=> Sabya123
=> Encouraging me
=> Sheppard (Treil829)
=> Encouraging me
=> ShinraSoldiers3
=> Reporting the problem of AI and telling me how to solve it
=> Sir_Thomas
=> First discovering Julienne here and supporting it
=> Usprivateer
=> Sharing helpful information to solve some problems in this mod
=> XEN
=> Pointing out the misspells

=> Every user
=> Enjoying Julienne

Credit of Cute Elves by Acidoangel
This mod contains a part of Cute Elves by Acidoangel. The following is quoted from its readme.

Thanks to Bethesda for creating Oblivion.
Thanks to TESNexus.com for the a one-stop-shop resource for authors and players.
Thanks to LHammonds for the Readme Generator this file was based on.
Thanks to luchaire for creating body texture for FF
Thanks a lot to Loana for helping to release the new version (1.1) :) and translate it in french (Available soon - when I finished other languages)
Thanks to Jenius for Ainmhi sound (http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=4926)
Thanks to Nec for Head texture - from Mystic High Elf Remake (http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=15143)
Thanks to idkrrr for New hair from Corean race (http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=15568)
Thanks to -Ren- for hair & eye from ren's beauty pack (http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=4431)
Thanks to Spike4072 for new ears - But heavily modified for personnal preference :)

Credit of Indigo Armor by Ozmo
This mod contains a part of Indigo Armor by Ozmo. The following is quoted from its readme.

RAIAR, for HG EyeCandy Body

Credit of Ren Beauty Pack by Ren
This mod contains a part of Ren Beauty Pack by Ren. The following is quoted from its readme.

Thanks to Bethesda Softworks.
Thanks to Capucine for the help about making colourable hair.
Thanks to Daeger and Ranma-chan for fixing texture pathes of meshes.

All of the meshes and textures are made by Ren.

Credit of UFF Black Courtesan Dress by Petrovich
This mod contains a part of UFF Black Courtesan Dress by Petrovich. The following is quoted from its readme.

TeamFF- for creating female model of the body 'Fantasy Figures'.
Sinblood- for creating original 'Black Courtesan Dress'.
Bethesda- for creating Oblivion.

Last Words
I am very grateful to everyone who has been enjoying/helping to improve this mod, and the generous modders who have permitted me to use their great creations in this mod. You can do whatever you do with this mod.

Thank you very much again for everything and have fun!

History of Versions
v1.0 => fundamental functions have been provided.
v1.1 => suspicious part has been improved.
v1.11 => distance between you and Julienne has been changed to a little longer.
=> Julienne's makeup has been changed.
v1.2 => some functions and items have been added.
v2.0 => some contents have been changed.
v2.1 => 1 bug has been removed and 1 function has been added.
v2.2 => 1 issue has been settled and 1 function has been added.
v2.21 => 1 bug has been removed.
v3.0 => some contents have been changed.
v3.01 => 1 bug has been removed.
v4.0 => 3 function have been added.
v5.0 => some new features have been added.
v6.0 => quite a few features have been revised.

Fundamental features
posterior to ver 1.0
Common Orders
=> Follow walking/running
=> Follow on horseback
=> Sneaking
=> Waiting
=> Harvesting
=> Detecting human enemies
=> Sharing items
=> Changing her primary weapon
=> Providing maintenance tools

Extra Orders
=> Providing waterwalking horse with player
=> Enabling/Disabling Fast Travel
=> Additional box (To avoid missing items due to overweight)
=> Making a pet dog follow player (which can carry items)
=> Changing weather (6 kinds)
=> Making special Potions (6 kinds)

=> Custom potions & ingredients
=> Staff (Resurrection & Reanimation)
=> Amulet (which enables player to enchant/spellmake when equiped)
=> Light weapons (which player can draw & attack with quickly)
=> custom enchanted arrows
=> 3 dictionaries in Alchemy

Items sold at her shop (part as NPC)
=> All the apparatuses & Ingredients (including those custom)
=> Commonly required items (Soul Gem/Lockpick/Torch)
=> Commonly required spells (all the type, most of which are those of novice or apprentice level)
=> Custom potions

Improvement & Additional features
posterior to ver 1.2
=> Julienne's mare gets a little faster
=> Incorrect words I could find have been revised

Functions as a companion
=> Showing Julienne's Attributes & Skill Levels
=> Choosing a combat style out of 9

Additional Items & Spells
posterior to ver 1.2
=> An Ancient Diary has been added
=> Rusty Silver Shortsword has been added
=> Snipe Shot has been added
=> Heavy Arrows has been added
=> Long Katana has been added(a joke weapon)
=> Fabulously Heavy Claymore has been added(a joke weapon)
=> Restore Health Members has been added
=> Invisiblity Members has been added

Additional features
posterior to ver 2.0
=> You have got the option of turning on/off Julienne's conjuration spells
=> You have got the option of using Julienne's destructive spells
=> Julienne has learned to report it when she can not find floras
=> Julienne has learned to getting off a horse immediately as soon as you order her

Additonal features
Removed Bug
posterior to ver 2.1
=> An order 'Feel at ease' has been added. (Feel at Ease)
=> One bug has been removed

Additonal features
Issue settled
posterior to ver 2.2
=> An order 'Decision beside enemies' has been added
=> The problem of her face has been fixed

Bug removed
posterior to ver 2.21
=> A bug that causes a CTD found has been removed.

Additional features & Issues settled
posterior to ver 3.0
=> NPC path grids near Julienne's shop have been adjusted
=> She will be given Player's Faction when she joins you
=> An amulet that teleports Julienne to you has been added
=> An amulet that teleports horses of companions in this mod has been added
=> Extra companion "Ophelia" has been added
=> Julienne has learned to create new wepons
=> Light arrows have been added
=> 'Box of Melting' has been added
=> 'Box of Resolution' has been added
=> 'Box of Extraction' has been added

Bug removed
posterior to ver 3.01
=> One bug in creating a weapon from materials has been removed.

Additional feature & Improvement
posterior to ver 3.1
=> Sepll 'Prying Eyes' has been added
=> Sasha the dog has been improved
=> Power of Julienne's staff has been reduced
=> Angelica the swearing orc has been improved

Additional features
posterior to ver 4.0
=> Destructive spells has been buyable
=> Aromorer function has been extended
=> Extra function has been added

Addistional features
posteior to ver 5.0
=> A companion Melissa has been added
=> 24 skill books have been added
=> 180 spell books have been added
=> 98 new ingredients have been added
=> 4 feather rings have been added
=> 5 explosives have been added
=> some light weapons have been added
=> 4 enchanted arrows have been added
=> some dialogs have been corrected thanks to Electrovoice
=> Angelica has begun to teach Speechcraft

Ver 6.2

This file requires the main file (Ver 6.1).

1. Install "1st Alchemy Companions Julienne ver 6.1".
2. Replace ver 6.1 esp with this ver 6.2 esp.


1. Some weapons added to Mystina's inventory.
You can buy them.

2. Mystina's inventory revised.
The power of the weapons in this mod are adjusted in the interest of game balance. They are more expensive than those in previous versions. Of course, their power is made a little more powerful according to their price. This revision intends to give players more oppotunity to use original weapons provided by vanila Oblivion. For I thought it would be spoiling if Mystina's inventory should discourage players to use original stuff like quest rewards. Even the cheapest sword that Mystina sells costs at least 50,000 Gold. Enchanted arrows are even more expensive. The reason is that arrows in an NPC's inventory are unexausted. As you see, once you give your comapnion a powerful arrow, he/she can shoot it parmanently and easily kill your enemy with one or a few shots. I hope the new price will fit in.

3. A spell "Invitation" added.
It has an NPC join a new faction "Companions" that increases by 100 points its members' disposition towards other members. It will be effective against the unnecessary and annoying combat between companions to use this spell and have them all join the faction. The use is quite simple. You only have to cast the spell to each and every companion of yours. They will be good friends. You will find a book named "How to make 'em good friends" in a chest upstairs in Julienne's shop. You will need to meet Mystina's demand to make the chest available, but if you choose "hard mode" in the game balance option 1, the chest is available from the beginning.

4. The spell "Prying Eyes" extended.
In addition to a target's attributes and skill levels, you can view his/her aggression, confidence and responsibility. With the additional information on NPCs, you will be able to judge which ones suit for your companions, if you like recruiting original NPCs using mods like "Companion Share and Recruit". For unconfident NPCs tend to easily run away in combat, and aggressive ones tend to easily start fighting with those who they hate.

5. Fast Travel Option removed.
Although the previous version provided Fast Travel Option, it turned out not to work well as intended. So, it is removed. Please have my apologies.

6. Companion Ring added.
This ring is just an enchanted ring that increases Athletic skill and Speed. You may often feel it is harder for your companion to follow you according as your Speed gets higher. This ring will simply solve it. If you think this is nothing but a cheat, please withhold using this ring. However, it will not be a big cheat even though much powerful, because only NPCs can equip this ring. You can get the ring from a chest upstairs in Julienne's shop. You will need to meet Mystina's demand to make the chest available, but if you choose the above "hard mode" in the game balance option 1, the chest is available from the beginning.

7. Brave's Plume added.
This plume increases its possessor's Confidence by 100 points. If your companion is so unconfident as to always run away in combat, try giving him/her this plume. It might be a good idea to give the Adoring Fan this plume. As you already see, you only have to place this plume into his/her inventory. You can get the ring from a chest upstairs in Julienne's shop. You will need to meet Mystina's demand to make the chest available, but if you choose above "hard mode" in the game balance option 1, the chest is available from the beginning.

8. Game Balance Option 1 extended.
You have one more option. You can choose even "very hard mode" where the companions will not join you until your level get even higher. However, some more items are available in return, which may suit you if you are more interested in powerful items than companions. It may be said that "very hard mode" will suit a player who are going to re-start "New Game".

9. Game Balance Option added.
One more option has been added that allows you to decide whether powerful weapons and armors require your level to be high enough. If you choose its "Hard Mode", you can not trade with Melissa until your level reaches 20, and can not trade with Mystina until your level reaches 25. Please put this option to good use if the absence of level requirement in regard to powerful stuff discourages you to use vanilla stuff.

1st Alchemy Companion Julienne v6.4

1. Some items added.

2. The power of additional weapons is considerably reduced in the interests of game balance.

3. A companion utility added.

4. Horse riding mode expanded.