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Added: 18/06/2011 - 11:12AM
Updated: 20/08/2013 - 01:53PM

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My English is poor,but I believe you can understand

This mod is an addon for ElzMoreVoice.
If you're using ElzMoreVoice,I recommend to use this addon.
This mod adds/changes triggers of original player voice just like ElzMoreVoice.
Making player's voice more abundant.
There 3 types of voice for you.
They will follow your selection in the ElzMoreVoice Mod Automatically.

1.Elz - More Voice
2.OBSE 20

First,All original voices of player will be silent.
And then,all kinds of voice triggers will be added.

Played when character is taking damage enemy's attacks.

Played when character is doing powerattack.

Played when character is getting hit when blocking.

Played when character falled from high place and taking damage.

Played when character is Staggering.

6.OTHER DAMAGE VOICE (data/sound/fx/spell/f(m)/DamagePC)
Played when character is losing health.
The voice is same as HIT DAMAGE VOICE.
This will not override other damage voices in this mod.

1.Extract all files
2.Copy all files to your game folder
3.Active the esp file in OBMM. Make sure that it is behind ElzMoreVoice.esp

How to use
If you have installed ElzMoreVoice 1.40 correctly. You don't need to do anything.
This mod and the ElzMoreVoice will combine to form one big new mod.
3 voice types will follow your selection in the main mod automatically
Just enjoy.

How to modify
The Wave files in this mod are only examples.Not record by me.
They're just for you to understand the mod.
You should delete them and add/change your favorate voices.
Put your wave files into the folder to let the character play more kinds of voice.
Don't care about File names and numbers.Just add them freely.
The voices in the same folder can be played randomly.
You can find/modify more details in "data/ini/ElzMoreVoiceOVR.ini",just like ElzMoreVoice.

About modifying ini file
There's a special parameter different with others in ElzMoreVoiceOVR.ini


This parameter is to set :
how long the time(in seconds) passed can OTHER DAMAGE VOICE be triggered again.
For instance,"3" means that OTHER DAMAGE VOICE can only be triggered after
previous OTHER DAMAGE VOICE played.
This prevents player moans too often when she/he is taking continuous damage.

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If you like this mod,don't forget to give an endorsements.
Thank you.