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Added: 29/05/2011 - 12:06PM
Updated: 31/05/2011 - 03:32PM

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Last updated at 15:32, 31 May 2011 Uploaded at 12:06, 29 May 2011

Version 1.20
This version is an addon of Elzee's More Voice 1.20
But may not update at same time with it in future.
This mod is unique. It can still run with out Elzee's More Voice MOD.

OBSE 20 or later version

Before you use this mod,you need to know what does the Elzee's More Voice Mod do.
Look here:

This MOD does the same thing with Elzee's More Voice 1.20.
Add all kinds of Voice triggers.
For companions and NPCS - not for player.
Making them more alive.

If you need voices for player, please download Elzee's More Voice MOD

How to use£º
When the MOD has been actived, you will get 4 spells:

Voice Type 1 - Touch spell:Give a target Voice Type1.
Voice Type 2 - Touch spell:Give a target Voice Type2.
Voice Type 3 - Touch spell:Give a target Voice Type3.(Wave samples in this MOD is male voice)
Remove Voice - Touch spell:Remove the Voice add by this mod on target NPC.

You can use these 3 spell freely to change compannions and NPCs voice types.

I recommon you to install a nice companion mod.
The more things companions can do,the more voices can be played.
Like sleeping voice and sneaking voice...

1.Extract all files from package.
2.Copy all files to your game folder.
3.Active the esp file in OBMM.

The Wave files in this mod are only examples.Not record by me.
You can delete them and add/change your favorate voices.
I have no commercial purpose.

If you like this mode,don't forget give an endorsements.
Thank you.

The Elz - More Voice master mod has get 215 endorsecment ande can't be download from tesnexus for for some reason now. I'm very sorry.
If you still want to down load
please goto