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*************************************** Crystal Ball Lamps V 0.2 Beta release. It\'s a WIP release, pure and simple. By: Stardaemon If you want to use this mod, or parts of it in other oblivion mods, that\'s fine with me. Please give me proper credit, and try to inform me if you if you include anything of it:) ************

Permissions and credits
Crystal Ball Lamps V 0.2 Beta release.
It's a WIP release, pure and simple.

By: Stardaemon

If you want to use this mod, or parts of it in
other oblivion mods, that's fine with me.
Please give me proper credit, and try to inform
me if you if you include anything of it:)

This mod adds magical lamps made out of crystal
balls to the game.

Extract to Oblivion/Data

For uninstall, see bottom of readme.

You *may* want to unistall any previous version,
as I recall renaming a few nif/dds files...
It won't affect gameplay, but you'll have 50-100kb
extra on your hd.
Open the console with ~ or whatever button is
directly below esc on your keyboard.

Type: startquest SDCrystalBallLampsTestQuest
and press enter.
(You can use all lower caps if you want)

You will get one lamp of each every time.

*Lamps have been significantly improved.
The light is now coming from the centre of the
globe, which makes it look a lot better, as well as
lighting up the objects they stand on better.

*They now have proper Normal Maps. Sorry,
I severely messed those up the last time around >.<

*Lamps are better named. Though they are
a bit more spread out across the inventory. Still
haven’t settled for a naming convention.

*Only a few new colours added; an orange and
a light pink. Also added a fire ball and a few
others (se release notes).

*The black "lamp" removed from script, though
still exists in the game. its code is 01003429, if
anyone is interested.

*The Purple and Black icons are fixed now.

Release Notes:
Ok, it's been a while since the last WIP release.
It's not perfect yet. There are still overall
improvements to the lights that can be made.
There are some lights that aren't quite finished yet
Still no vendor, just the quest with a script that
adds the lamps to inventory.

There probably won't be a name change to the
esp name or anything that would cause you to
lose any lamps between versions. Still, you got
them for free now, so it shouldn't matter much,
even if any such changes would be made ;)
The appearance of the lamps themselves,
though, may change.

The Yellows and the ones with "Natural" in the
name give a more natural, non-artificial, light.

The Pink Dawn lights are supposed to give the
light you get at dawn in the game. No progress
has been made on it.

Most lights have at least a 512 glu (game length
units) light radius.
Some have 1024 glu versions, others have 128 glu
versions as well.

Most lights have both a completely opaque variety
as well as translucent version at 10% opacity.
Some have 50% opacity versions as well.

There is a Fire Ball now to play with (actually, I
got bored pretty quick :p ).
It doesn't do any damage, and burns fine under
water. But then, the lamps sort under Illusion so
far anyway...

While the Fire Ball, like all the lamps, can be
equipped, I haven't managed to get it to burn
while equipped:( I have also made a frost ball
and an electric ball, though they still need some

The translucent yellow has been given a shader
Any such lamps lying around, you need to pick
up and put back in order for the shader to take

The opaque yellow still hasn't got any shader.
It's a bit of an experiment.

Bugs/Known Limitations:

Mainly game engine ones;

*Lights can shine through walls to a significant
*Sometimes you have to exit and re-enter an
area to see the light.
*Light is sometimes not emitted from the middle
of the globes.
Usually this occurs when you load the game.
Exiting and entering the area usually fixes the
problem, but not always.
The glow maps seems off as well when this
happens. Not only the lamps are affected either.

Performance Impact?
Some, though a few lights shouldn't be a problem,
or even noticeable. I haven't noticed it. Or at
least I'm not sure, I might be imagining things:)

Once I dropped say 15-20 on the same spot, that
did have an impact.
Fps dropped to single digit, and the world got very,
very bright.

None known. Can't imagine there could be any.

The Future!
What I want:

*Still more variety of lamps.
*Even Better lamps. Did succeed improving the
lamps a lot (imho) this time around:)
I'll probably start messing with material
properties next. The opaque ones can probably
do withoutmuch specularity, and altering ambient
and emissivenes is probably a good idea.
I tried altering emissivenes to purple on a purple
lamp before, but all lamps got a purple tint when
I did that, for some reason.

*Possibly a better naming convention.
*Lamps with neat shaders.
*Prettier icons for the storm and frost ball. If I can
get them decent enough.
Possibly a darker red icon, for the red lamps.
It's so light, you could mistake it for the pink one.
*A vendor. Or several.

File list ^_^

All data files are located in:
Readme would be CrystalBallLampsReadme.txt