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A search for a poor maid’s missing employers leads you to discover the dark truth behind a secret society buried deep within the Church of the Nine. Find yourself battling ancient undead forces, and ultimately uncovering the secret society of the Zealots of the Nine. The Zealots of the Nine are brutally suppressing a small group of worshippers, those who follow the ancient Over Father. Decide which side you will be on, and determine the fate of one poor itinerant preacher. Undead adversaries, ghostly guides, desperate preachers, secret societies, ancient religions, spies and more await you.

Mod includes a new home, a mansion on the hill in Cheydinhal, overlooking the river and Cathedral. The home includes all the required amenities, and will provide a great base of operations. The home will become yours to use when you complete one of the included quest lines. The chests and other storage in the home will not re-spawn with items automatically, so your items will be safe.

To begin the quest, head for the Bridge Inn near the West Gate in Cheydinhal. A Maid who is desperate for help eats there between 6 and 10 each night.

Installation Instructions

Uncompress all files contained in the rar file to the Data directory of your Oblivion Installation

- The archive includes an esp file (jolardhome.esp), which is the mod file and must be in the Data directory.

- It also includes the directories Sound/Voice and their sub folders. The Sound directory should also be in the Data directory. The files included here are the lip files (for lip movements during speech) and the mp3’s. The mp3’s (for speech) are silent. They are included so that the dialog sub titles will stay up long enough to read.