Crowded Cities Improved by BkWyrm13 and prettyfly
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Crowded Cities for Open Cities Reborn V1
By BkWyrm13 and Prettyfly


The following changes have been made to the original mod to make it more realistic.

Fixed up the item leveled lists so NPC's don't spawn with anything higher than silver
Added a heap of vanilla clothes to the clothing lists that had been previously missed
Went through the various NPC's and edited the faces of a good number of them so that they didn't have the same face.
Added commoners to the daytime leveled lists; most of the NPC's that spawn during the day should be commoners
Added extra conditions to the script controlling when the NPC's spawnpoints are enabled so that they will only appear if they are a certain distance from them you or if you are in an interior

The number of spawn points within the cities have also been changed; each city (except for the Imperial City) have been changed as well; each city now has 23 days
spawn points and 14 night spawn points with an 85% chance of spawning.

This version will work fine with Better Cities. A version for Open Cities Reborn is also available. Note that while it will not conflict with other mods that add NPC's to the cities, the more NPC's there are around
greater the strain on your PC will be.

Also note that the file name has not been changed in order so the mod will be recognised with BOSS upon release.

Also, on request from people who do not want to use the non-intractable NPC script, there are now versions of the mod available without it, with NO SCRIPT attached to the back of their file names.


BkWyrm13 for the original Mod
Matthew Kaine for tweaking the scripts in V1.1


V1 -initial release

v1.1 -the NPC's are now non-interactable (thanks to Matthew Kaine)
-several NPC's have had their AI's changed to stop them from getting killed by the guards
-all of the non-hostile NPC's have AI packages so they move around a bit more