Really Textured Normal Maps for Vanilla - BAINs by Jarod
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Really Textured Normal Maps for Vanilla - BAINs


See Update Notes below before Installing new versions.

I have been given permission to re-host these files created by Jarod (Skylarscarborough), as Wrye Bash BAINs (BAsh INstallers)

Please refer to the original description...

direct all feedback...


thanks and...

kudos ...

to the Author of these files >>-here at Jarods page-<<


The files contained in these 7zips, are exactly the same as Jarods (unless I dont notice an update and re-upload in good time - If the version numbers match Jarods zips, they have the same files)

The purpose of these files is to provide more granular control over Installation via Wrye Bash Installers method, and split the textures up into sub-packages for those who may be frustrated with conflicts with body mods for example, which provide stock clothes and armour these normals will not match (These normal maps were created for Vanilla Oblivion game textures, NOT Roberts Male, or AMB, or EVE / HGEC / TGND / FF etc).

Personally I use AMB and EVE with appropriate Stock Armour and Clothes designed for those bodies, and as will become evident in the Images, I have no need for the Clothes and Armour normal maps the Really Textured Normal maps provide - So have not chosen those sub-packages for installation.

Or another example, maybe you use QTP3 textures, and these normal maps will not match those textures because they are designed for Vanilla textures - Now you can choose not to install normal maps which would make QTP3 textures look odd, but install any normal maps from these files for anything remaining in your game with Vanilla textures .....

Or if you are really picky, maybe you want to install Bomrets Detailled Normal Maps (also for Vanilla Textures), and then overwrite those with all the ones you prefer from this set (if this set is positioned with a higher number in the Install Order, these files chosen will end up in your game) .....

Making BAINs out of them gives Wrye Bash users the granular control over selecting parts (sub-packages) they can tailor to any other possible problems.

And .... Save Jarod having to upload multiple versions of the same files with limited bandwidth.

I have not included Wizard scripts with these, you dont really need them when a couple of clicks to select sub-packages will do the same job a few clicks in a wizard would do.


Update Notes
14th May 2011 - RTNM Shivering Isles v0.991 - Un-install previous version first (to clean out old obelisk files which can cause problems in the shivering isles), Then install this version. All files from Jarods new version have been included (ie its not just a delete of the Obelisk sub-package)(whether that was necessary I dont know, but just in-case anything else was replaced I refreshed all files contained with the new files from Jarod)


Installation - Refer to the images

Un-Installation - Right click the BAIN in the Installers Tab of Wrye Bash, choose un-install. Simple.


Known Issues

With v1.1 of these files, some normal maps are reversed (for instance some paving textures where bumps should be convex, look concave instead). Jarod is aware these files need working on however he has become too busy RL to update for the time being


For basic usage of Wrye Bash refer to the Wrye Bash Pictorial Guide - In particular for these files use ...

The Basics Guide and Installers Intro - Ensure BSA Redirection is enabled

Wrye Bash will then automatically handle Archive Invalidation




Jarod (Skylarscarborough) - For a very nice new normal map texture set, which has fast become an essential install for me

Thank you :)

remember votes, praise etc to the Author of these files >>-here at Jarods page-<<