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Adds VB Hair, Cool Hair & varying Eyelashes to playable Vanilla & Cobl Races. Eyelashes also apply to NPCs

Permissions and credits
Name: Cool Hair & Eyelashes for Cobl
Version: 1.1
Author: Scene
Category: Hair and Face Models


Shivering Isles
Cobl 1.72 & Cobl Cosmetics
Wrye Bash - essential for merging!


Adds a variety of hair and working eyelash styles to Vanilla & Cobl races and NPCs.


Note: insrtuctions below also apply when updating to any newer version of this mod.

1. Copy "Cool Hair & Eyelashes.bsa", "Cool Hair & Eyelashes.esp" and "Cool Hair & Eyelashes for Cobl.esp" to your Oblivion Data folder
2. Open up Wrye Bash and enable "Cool Hair & Eyelashes.esp" only.
3. Make sure "Cool Hair & Eyelashes for Cobl.esp" is set to load after "Cool Hair & Eyelashes.esp"
4. right-click on Bashed Patch and select rebuild Patch..
5. Check Cool Hair & Eyelashes for Cobl.esp in Merge Patches, Import NPC Faces, and Race Records - probably overkill but better to be safe than sorry.
6. Rebuild the patch.


1. Delete "Cool Hair & Eyelashes.bsa" , "Cool Hair & Eyelashes.esp" and "Cool Hair & Eyelashes for Cobl.esp" from your Oblivion Data folder
2. Open Wrye Bash and rebuild your Bashed Patch.


May conflict with other mods that alter eyes, hair and tongue - I don't have any so have not been able to test.


Thank you to Bethesda for creating Oblivion.
Thank you to for bringing great Modders together.

Thank you to VanillaBeans for VB Hair -
Thank you to Coolsims for the original Cool Hair designs -
Thank you to Lucha for the convertion of the Cool Hair Designs to work with Oblivion, and for the permission to use them in this mod.
Thank you to throttlekitty & jclyde6108 for the Working Eyelashes Resource -
Thank you to the Cobl Team for Cobl -

Thank you to Wrye for Wrye Bash -
Thank you to ElminsterAU for TES4Edit -

and last but not least...

Thank you to the people who replied to my messages regarding this mod - you know who you are ;)