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Last updated at 10:17, 14 Jan 2013 Uploaded at 5:34, 1 May 2011

Re-upload of Regent Eagle's mod with his permission and with notice given that he no longer offers support for the mod.

The Great Forest Market 1.3
by Regent Eagle
edited and uploaded by Lyss

Now requires Shivering Isles.

The original readme (unedited) from Regent Eagle is at the end of this document; refer to it for the details of the mod. The changes that I've made are as follows:
1. GreatForestMarket.esp has a dependency on both Oblivion.esm and DLCShiveringIsles.esp.
2. GreatForestMarket.esp has been cleaned using TESEdit, and 3 wild edits removed.
3. Textures which were virtually identical to ones in the DLCShiveringIsles - Textures.bsa have been removed.
4. Meshes which referred to the above mentioned textures have been edited to refer to the DLC textures.
5. Some quest topics were edited for spelling/grammar/punctuation/word choice.
6. Buying the house will increment the miscellaneous stat for houses owned.

No other changes have been made at this time. If any issues are noted, please let me know. I've gained greater understanding of the tools, but I can't guarantee that all the changes which needed to be made have been in regards to the textures. The meshes which are identical to ones from the Shivering Isles DLC (except for their name) have all had changes made regarding the textures used so I can't remove or replace them without errors (as far as I know), but as stated before, the DLC is now required. If I missed any textures which are the same as DLC ones, let me know.

My additions to the credits already found in Regent Eagle's readme:

Bethesda Software and all of their past and present employees who have worked on anything relating to TES IV.
Regent Eagle-for giving me permission to make his mod available again.

The following is the content of the included (and original) readme:

The Great Forest Market v1.2
by Regent Eagle

NOTE: You DO NOT need Shivering Isles or any other official
DLC to play this mod.
Patch 1.2 is needed.

1a Description
1b Features
1c Things included
1d Location
1e Updates
1f Known bugs and conflicts
1g Install/Uninstall
1h Credits
1a Description

One hundred years ago one man built a small cottage under
a big redwood in one of the the Great Forests of Cyrodiil.
The years past and that one guy assembled a thriving market with
help from a few friends. After only previously being open to private
shipping trades the market is now open to the greater public...
1b Features

The market is a decent size for a village and offers street-
traders and indoor traders selling the things your character
needs to get by in the world of Cyrodiil.
That is not all though as you can relax and set-up your own
market stall, take part in many, many quests, use the many new
weapons and ingredients among many other new things on offer.
If you like the market and want to set-up home there you can!
Just go and talk to Dearon in the local bar and purchase a home
above the market as it has its very own sky-walk!
When you feel at home you can even go for a swim in the local
spa with some of the other residents and give your athletics skill
a boost.
The interiors are very detailed and reflect the npc's personality
and what they do. The exterior is also very detailed and you can
actually feel like you are traveling through a life-like market that
is in touch with nature and its exotic plant life.
The odds here are not against thief characters as well. You can
use ladders to climb through windows which are always locked,
but are leveled to make it easier for you to make for that perfect
night of looting.
The environment is quite interactive as well as you can pull straw from
roofs, cut hedges or explore the top of vast walls and quests will also
open up never before seen options in Oblivion.
Whatever you do and like the Great Forest market is for everyone.
1c Things included

These are the items and quests included in this mod:

New location: The Great Forest Market
19 new NPC's
10 new interiors
5 new outer buildings
8 new quests:

-Poison In The Blood
-Rest In Filth
-Greeva's Is Burning!
-One Dog and His Master
-Golden Death
-Don't Push Me
-Sky-Walk House
-Off-the-map quest

1 new dungeon
3 new weapons
1 set of new armor
2 new potions
11 new ingredients
3 new clothing items
New windows that are accessable
8 new misc. items
70+ new models/retextured models
100+ new textures
1d Location

The market is located SOUTH-WEST of the IMPERIAL CITY.
It is very near the shrine of Clavicus Vile, just a little south-west
from that location.
The icon is a settlement of your world map and will already be
showing when you load up your game to fast-travel to.
If you still can't find it look in the images section above.
1e Updates

The latest version is 1.2 which is up now. Please leave your
comments and suggestions PLEASE!

Added updates

-1.0 initial release BETA

1.1 major update includes:

-Many more npc's.
-More interiors and houses.
-Loads of new items.
-Sky-Walk Plaza.
-A Buyable house.
-A spa.
-2 new quests.
-Made environment more interactive.
-Cottages now have wooden paneling on the outside.
-The environment is now a little more cluttered (in a good way!).
-Added more AI packages.
-There are now VERY lazy guards to pick on (hehe).
-Fixed a bug with Poison In the Blood Quest where
sheep would vanish and progress would stop.
-Fixed a bug where things in Leon's lectern where not
classed as stolen.
-Fixed a bug where the Street Trader Quarters where not owned.
-In the quest Rest In Filth player now has a option to say no
to the quest.
-In the quest One Dog and His Master there is now a story line
if you don't find the discarded note outside of The Laughing Ale.
-All icons now have transparent backgrounds.
-The mushrooms are now brown in colour.

1.2 update includes:

-2 new ingredients added (bacon and hedge leaf).
-2 new potions added (orange juice and lemon).
-Added improved lighting to nearly all the interiors.
-New better wood textures on the bridge and walkways.
-Improved ground textures.
-Sky-Walk now has a more lived-in feel to it.
-The Ghostly Scimitar is now much better and has improved texture.
-There are now hedges in the game that you can cut.
-New drinks stall added.
-Melinda now has more lockpicks and repair hammers for sale.
-Dearon's trade money has been decreased for realism.
-In the quest Greeva's Is Burning! it is no longer possible to lose
the key you get given stopping the quest from progressing.
-In the quest Golden Death it is no longer possible to lose
the key you get given stopping the quest from progressing.
-In the quest Don't Push Me fixed a bug where npc's would behave
strange and run away if attacked. Also fixed an instance where if
you went into a interior while being chased by the npc's and they
where rendered unconsious in a interior they would get stuck forever.
They now have a heal spell, if this happens let them heal then hit them
until they give chase outside and then yield.
-There are now steps out of the sewers to prevent npc's getting stuck.
-Changed a quest interior.
-Changed the spa to have marble walls.
-The pots in the spa now have better havok.

1.2.1 minor update

Fixed texture on item "Lemon Juice".
The texture before was using my test texture for this item
and was missing the _n.dds normal map file.
The texture now has the intended texture and normal map.

Future updates information:

-None yet. Will give more info. once comments are made.
1f Known bugs and conflicts

Known conflicts:

-Shezrie's Woodland Village
Fix? Yes
How? Download Oblivion Mod Manager if you don't already have it.
Open OBMM and in the list of mods click once to highlight Woodland
Village(version).esp. Then use the move down button and move the mod
BELOW GreatForestMarket.esp. You should now have no conflicts.
Thanks to member olja here at TESNexus for the solution!

-Ancient Druid Treehome? (not fully confirmed)
Fix? Unknown
How? Unknown

Known bugs:

-In the spa the big pots and vases don't have full havok, so may
behave weird when pushed over. Improved in 1.2 put still not

- On the Sky-Walk the npc's do not have sleep packages as somehow
the game will not let them use doors leading to the same worldspace
while the player is in the region.
Even with moveto commands in scripts they still behave strange and
do not complete the sleep task.
1g Install/Uninstall

Install: Download the file above, unzip and extract to a safe place.
Then copy the esp and meshes, textures and sounds into the Oblivion
data folder under where it is installed, check the esp under data files
on start-up or in OBMM.

Uninstall: Uncheck esp,then just delete the folders and esp in the
Oblivion data folder.

I still don't get it!
If you are having trouble there is a thread in the forums here on TESNexus
telling you how to do it in detail.
1h Credits

Regent Eagle - Building, testing, creating models and textures.
MERP team - Modders resource
Havok Ladders team - Modders resource
Fish nifs and textures team - Modders resource
Dwarven plasma blades team - Modders resource
olja - For the solution of the Woodland Village mod conflict.
All the people who gave me feedback to make this mod improve.

As this will be my last ever mod for Oblivion I would like to thank all
the people who gave me the fuel from their comments to carry on.

Note: Usage

You may use the items in this mod as long as you give credit to me
and the relevant people. You can convert this mod to any
language as long as I get most of the credit. Please PM me on
TESNexus to tell me what you want to do with it as I would love
to know!

Thanks for downloading.