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An Ayleid high general is encaged by the necromancers at Vilverin.

To release her, find and destroy a big skeleton near the Vilverin boss room.


0.1a- rebalance

0.1b- Alternative Chocolate Elf version without hood (need mbp chocolate elves plugin)
alternative esp: allows you to take off her armor and shield

0.2- Major improvements: based on 01b alternative, minor adjustment, more variety in greetings, now Veronia will sneak when you sneak, added a summon spell to summon her when you first meet her.

0.2a- added Lich abilities(water walking, resistance, etc.), added frost touch, increased weapon damage, added dialogue option to ask Veronia to light for you (thus the Lightbringer :))

0.2b - More stable conversation initiation; new hairstyle (bug fix); new oiled and dreaded look; new option to tell Veronia to go away; other fixes.


Unzip and drop the extracted to your data folder, check the esp file.


MBP++ 0.9.2 < - - requires MBP 1.4a
Any bbb skeleton


Kill all other enemies nearby before destroy the big skeleton, otherwise Veronia may not proactively talk to you.

I have set Veronia's armor and shield to be unplayable, thus can not be seen in her inventory, you can change that in CS.

The armor set worn by Veronia is made with pieces from various armor mods and modders resources.

All credits go to these mod masters.

All rights reserved by them.


- Iomir/ a.k.a (Jgreybear), Ayleidoon Karan
- Madcat221 and RDJeke, Ayleid Amulets
- Kosai_Avonej, HGEC Agea Karan Armor
- Cragger, BBB DMGUTS Diano2 Phat
- The Elder Scrolls Construction Set Wiki for scripting tutorials