Imperial Manor v7 by Soul Wraith
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Added: 28/04/2011 - 06:01PM
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IMPERIAL MANOR (version 7)

[1] Description
[2] Location
[3] Includes
[4] Installing
[5] Updates

Updating this mod WILL NOT delete any current items in your house/chest, although it is always best to back up the .esp of ANY mod when installing a new update. Also this mod has been updated to be compatible with the UL Imperial Isles mod! I've had problems downloading from this site, so for those who have the same problems, here is a download link for my mod from mediafire.com.

[1] DISCRIPTION: This mod adds the Imperial Manor northwest of the Imperial City (see [2] location below). The house includes a teleportation tome which once read, allows you to teleport from anywhere back to the Imperial Manor. You can find the teleportation tome on the desk in the bedroom, along with the key to the house. To gain access to the house, you need to enter through the well outside.

[2] LOCATION: The Imperial Manor can be found northwest of the Imperial City, on the northwest corner of the imperial isles. The location will instantly be marked on your map once this mod has been activated. The key to the house is inside the bedroom on/in the desk. To get inside, enter through the well outside and work your way up.

[3] INCLUDES: Teleportation tome, which when read, adds a spell that teleports you back to the imperial manor from anywhere. This mod includes a secret picture safe, located to your right when you first enter the door. Your house will also include a treasure room, alchemy lab, bedroom, kitchen, basement, living room, and everything else a house needs. Over 20 unique paintings. An enchantment stand and spell creation stand can be found in the treasure room and the alchemy lab. Chests are labeled to help keep all your equipment organized (armor, weapons, enchanted equipment, jewelry, ingredients, etc.). A balcony, garden, well, and horse stable is located outside of the manor.

[4] INSTALLING: Extract the ImperialManorV7.zip to a temporary location. Copy ImperialManor.esp, Texture folder, and Meshes folder and paste them into your oblivion data folder. Once copied, activate/check the mod in data files when you open the oblivion launcher

Change log
[5] UPDATES: Retextured roof, floor, etc. Over 20 custom paintings. Basement has been added with wine cellar, along with stables a garden outside. Fixed a few floating items and added a few items. All books/letters inside the house fit the personality of the manor. Teleportation tome has been added! Now is compatible with the UL Imperial Isles mod!!