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Updated: 04/06/2011 - 07:27PM

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Requirements: BAIN! Get used to it.

Folder Structures Generated with TES4WizBAIN.

If you are the author of a (the) mod, feel free to include my install scripts, else, no, anyone else must ask for permission[It will probably be granted :)].

Wizards/etc for...

-Less Annoying Magic Experience(LAME)1.7

-Harvest Flora 3.0.1

-Pixelivion BETA 0.2

-for Oblivion Quest Of The Week

-Anvil Morning Glory
When I find my extra textures I made will add them also.

--ICEXPAND - Imperial City Expanded
--ICEXPAND Waterfront - Imperial City Expanded Waterfront Extr

-Rainbows In Tamriel 3

-Let The People Drink 2.5

-Arena Alive

-Immersive Interiors

-Unofficial Oblivion Patch Supplimentals


-A bunch of Reneers mods


One day, All these small scripts will eventually make it into one big one :) so will yours lol

To make the ultimate BAINstallation

Other Files With Wizard/Etc...

Bain Conversion Files by Lojack
BAIN Wizard Installation Project by malonn

WIZBAIN Ready Mods

Animated Window Lighting System and Chimneys - AWLS wiz by Brumbek
Bananasplit Better Cities wiz by ?
Unique Landscapes Compilation OMOD tho I hav a bit more professional wizard...will get to that
Metallicow Cursor Mod everything by Metallicow
Fast and Easy Frans WIZBAIN Archive Maker -ENGLISH ONLY- everything by Metallicow
Weather - All Natural wiz by ?
Lush and Gaudy Landscape and Grass and Tree Mod wiz by alt3rn1ty

Tools Used



Just make a request in the comments section if you would like me to possibly make a wizbain for [said] mod. I might... get to it in my spare time, when I'm not developing.


Any of the included Screenshots/images in the archives may not be my own and are (c) Copyrighted by the Screenshooter(whoever)... probably from the Original DL Page(whoever that may be).