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Added: 01/05/2006 - 05:42PM
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Last updated at 23:13, 7 Jan 2008 Uploaded at 17:42, 1 May 2006

Version 1.21
- Fixed a bug where Freeze Tag and Fall Down a Hill had no effect in version 1.2.
- Reduced the duration of Hold Still to 10 Seconds from 30 Seconds
- Added an Area-Effect Hold Still spell
- Added Wrath of Zeus spell
- Added 00 to spell names to make them easier to find.

Version 1.2 - More new spells

The fall height in the Failed Levitate spell has been increased.

POLYMORPH SHEEP - This spell transforms the victim into a sheep. Permanantly.

PICKPOCKET - This spell gives the target a compulsion to acquire as much gold as possible. Use this with the "Hope you got 10 Bux" Spell to make them pickpocket.

SUMMON BANDITS/MARAUDERS - These spells summon a random gang of 6 Bandits or Marauders. Note that Bandits and Marauders attack each other on sight.

SUMMON WEAK GOBLINS - This spell summons a pack of 10 weak goblins who are easily killed by just about anything.

SUMMON TITAN OGRE - This spell summons a giant Titan Ogre. It is immune to spells and highly resistant to weapons. it can be killed, but not without heavy casualties. Sit back and watch!

FOLLOW ME - This makes the target have an irrestible urge to follow you around for 24 hours.

FREE PONY - This spell gives the target a free Pony. The catch is the pony starts high, high above the targets head.

STARK REALITY - Strips a target or group of all their clothing, armor and items. Permanantly.

SUMMON THUNDERSTORM - This calls a magical storm into being. It takes about 90 seconds for the storm to reach
its full potential, but it is well worth the wait.

Version 1.1

Many new spells have been added

Gnomize - Reduces the target to half its normal size for 3 minutes.

Gigantism - Increases the target to twice its normal size for 3 minutes.

Insane Hercules - Transforms the target into an extremely powerful and hard to kill warrior, and makes
them homicidal.

Resurrect - Brings the victim back from the dead.

Failed Levitate - The target suddenly finds themselves 1500 units above the ground. Don't use this inside.

Polymorph Crab - This spell transforms the victim into a common mudcrab. Permanantly. VERY potentially
game-breaking. Did I mention "don't save when using this mod"?

This is a mod that adds a bunch of hilarious spells to amuse the player. Spells to create a riot, to make someone eat a poisoned apple, to give someone the urge to hunt for Calipers, and of course, a spell to drop a ton of boulders on the targets head, and many more.

Go to Edgar's Discount Spells in the Market District and read the book "Fun with Magic" on the small table.

DON'T SAVE A "SERIOUS" GAME WHEN RUNNING THE MOD. Aside from the fact that some of the spells result in NPC's dying, some have effects that can't be reversed.