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Run your very own Inn and Tavern

Permissions and credits
Golden Perch Inn by Lambton Worm
This mod adds an inn along the orange road that can be obtained by the player through a quest. (It is named for a tavern mentioned in the Lord of the Rings. For those interested). I have only seen one or two mods that add an ownable inn
to the game, but there wasn't a lot of choices. With this mod you can now have a stable business and income, without constantly trying to haggle a price with everything
you produce (though you can do that if you wish). But it does take an active role on the player's part for the inn to be consistently successfull. If you
do not want to own the inn, you can skip the quest and use it as a nice rest stop from Chorrol to Bruma. It should fuction as a normal inn with nothing
out of the ordinary. To start the quest: Walk along the orange road from Chorrol to Bruma and you'll be attacked. On your attacker's person you will find the clue to where you should start your quest.


-Your very own inn to run and operate.
-A weekly income from the profits made by your inn.
-Brew your own beer and wine to sell to your patrons or to sell abroad.
-A warm underground living quarters with a kitchen, study, dining room, and bedroom.
-Talented patrons who can provide you with: training, repairing equipment, fencing stolen goods, recharging items, and selling loot.

After you have finished the quest, you can use the inn
as a new home and collect profits every Friday from the barkeep. It is important that you collect your profits and stock your inn on Friday, so that
the barkeep has what he needs for the week. If you don't collect the profits, then the barkeep will use it to help run the inn in your extended
absence. If your starting out with a level one character, it is possible to do this quest on average settings (At least I was able to), but you do have
to be well prepared at least.
Another note to mention is that once you have stocked up on a particular booze, do not hit the booze stock topic while in the same dialoge session you added it. Example: You stocked up on some ale which takes the necessary 10 bottles from your inventory. If you have an extra 10 ales and you click on the stock ale option again and you have not ended the dialogue yet, it will take the extra ten and you'll get nothing for it. If you say goodbye and talk to him again about restocking the ale after you just stocked it, he will then tell you that you have plenty and will not take any more. This is a small bug that is caused by the fact that the script does not update the proper value until after you exit the dialoge. In practical terms its not really an issue, but it is a known issue that is not fixable at this time.


For details on the 3.0b Update check the version notes at the bottom.
Copy the ESP file, the meshes and textures.
If asked to overwrite, do so.
There are two esp's to this mod. One is the default plugin, the other is a cobl version. The Cobl version includes a grinder, drinking well, buffet plate,
alchemy sorter, and the luggage.
You may also wish to ignore the landscape LOD files included in the main file for compatibility reasons, but its up to you.
There is also a patch for the mod "All Natural" I think it's called. It was made by Khettiana not myself and its for a mod I don't use and know nothing about it. I won't be updating it, but it is here for those who wish to use it as an optional customization. If you don't know what this patch is (like myself) I wouldn't stress with fiddling with it.


Manually remove the files installed. You will probably have to refer to the archive for that.
Bear in mind that this mod may share resources installed by some other mods. Try not to delete the other stuff that other mods need.


I don't know of any conflicts. And I will most likely not make any compatibility patch. Especially if it is one for a Unique Landscape mod. (I have nothing against the mods or anything, but they conflict like crazy)

Licensing and Legal

Redistribution is strictly forbidden without prior consent. This means do not upload it anywhere unless you have obtained permission from myself (Lambton Worm). If you wish to make plugins or significant additions to my mod you may do so only if you provide credit. The same also applies to any of the resources that I myself have made (not to those who contributed. If you want to use their resources be sure to give them credit not me.)

Non-English translation versions may be uploaded without permission on the following conditions:

1. All mod files contained in this archive are retained with their current names.
2. No alterations are made to the contents of the plugins or master file other than those necessary to translate the English text.
3. No alterations or additions are made to the meshes and textures other than those necessary to translate English text.
4. This readme is included, in ENGLISH, exactly as it is written in the version it was downloaded with.


Bethesda who made a wonderful game.
Vorians and Carlos54444 for the 3.0b update.

Version History

Version 1.0: Initial release.
Version 1.1:
-Fixed it to where the npcs will now go to bed in the evening.
-Gave the innkeeper stuff to sell.
-Small other bugs.
Version 2.0:
-Fine tuned the scripts to ensure that you will get different kinds of profit for what booze you stock up on.
Version 3.0b:
-This is an optional beta update that fixes the manifest script so it does not mess with the main quest as well as some water height issues. The plugin has also been cleaned. I did not make this update, but since I do not have Oblivion on my computer at the moment, I thought I would add this as an optional update. If it works well great, if not I will fix it as soon as I am able. Hence it is in beta. REQUIRES COBL.