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Hoof resource :D

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News - 01/07/2014
Happy New Year. Old hooves completely replaced with new versions + 1 new version. Let me know if something is off!

Hoof resource. Currently for HGEC based Females and Roberts male. New hooves are currently HGEC LL, with all old additional addons converted. Males are currently using Roberts Standard size with an addon for Room 207 Bodybuilder. If you wish for a different size, please contact me and request support for it.

1. Extract the files to a temporary location.
2. Examine the folder structure and make corrections where necessary.
3. Copy files to (install folder)OblivionData

1. Delete the following files and folders:


1) Roberts Male body hooves in different sizes, maybe. :

Known Issues or Bugs
Seaming issues with non-uniform skins. That's not something that can be fixed without redoing the skin entirely, or obsessively fixing that spot in the UV Map. It's possible but takes time, and my god I hate UV Mapping so much. Bodybuilder size is specifically UV Mapped to the Bodybuilder texture so might look worse than it already does on other skins.

As they're currently mapped to the HGEC Female Leg and Robert's Male leg, no other textures will be compatible. I wont be adding support for Fantasy Figures or Roberts Female, or etc. If it's an HGEC/Exnem based body, I will add support for it (like THEC or Selobl, which use the HGEC uv map).

4.25 2014/01/07 - ZKEC sizes converted to the new hoof style. Will consider adding the other hoof style with a tutorial on how to swap them.
4.2, 2014/01/07 - All old addons are now converted to the new shape and a UV issue was fixed on the default legs. Also SPB Curvaceous Chubby was added
We'll say 4.0, 2013/09/28 - Entirely new female leg shape, aw yeah son.
3.02, 2013/07/21 - Room 207 Bodybuilder legs for males.
3.01, 2013/06/07 - Working on a new leg shape, will place up WIP images.
3.0, 2012/12/28 - Holy heck we've got some male hooves now!
2.5, 2011/10/25 - Added support for THEC body. Also changed the file to Adult Only, as it contains nudity.
2.4, 2011/09/09 - Added support for SPB Curvaceous Normal.
2.3, 2011/04/19 - Added support for Small legs.
2.2, 2011/04/18 - Added support for DMRA legs. Does not conflict with any other hoof .esp.
2.1, 2011/04/18 - Added support for Guts legs. Does not conflict with any other hoof .esp.
2.0, 2011/04/18 - Added support for Medium legs. Does not conflict with original .esp so you can have them both turned on if you wish for M legs and LL legs.
1.5, 2011/04/17 - Separated Hoof from leg.
1.0, 2011/04/17 - Initial release.

You can find me on TESNexus as Geechan
You can find me on TesAdventures as Geechan

Note From Me To You
I will no longer be making .esp's for Hooves. They have officially become a Modder's Resource. If you want them in your game, you must add them manually. You can add them to any release you might want, but you need to credit myself and Semtex for them. I don't care if it's not going to be released here on the Nexus, if you put it so it's available to the public, credit! It's not that hard a concept, it takes less than a minute of your time! If you want armour or clothing for them, you need to make them yourself or look here: These are clothes fitted to the OLD style, please be aware of that.

Thanks to Semtex for the altered hooves, which is what these hooves are ultimately based around.
Thanks to DivineAvenger and AlienSlof, from the original readme of the Satyr race.
Thanks to }{ellKnight for the HG EyeCandy body.
Thanks to Robert for the Robert's Male Body.
Thanks to LHammonds for the Readme Generator this file was based on, cause I suck at readme's.
Thanks to TesNexus and everyone who works to make this place awesome, modders and users alike.

Tools Used
Blender -
NIFSkope -
Photoshop -
TES Construction Set -
Readme Generator -

You must contact me and obtain my permission before re-packaging any part of this mod. If I don't respond within... two weeks, assume I died and go ahead and use them. Just give proper credit, even if I'm dead, or I'll haunt you. Crediiiiiiiiiiit!