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High Res Retexture of Amber Armor!!

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High Res Retexture of Amber Armor

Requires: Shivering Isles, Archive Invalidation

So I always loved the Amber armor from shivering isles. It's weird, buglike and has that uniqueness that armor sets in Morrowind had (which if you know anything about me you know I'm a fan). So I tried to update the textures a bit, as the vanilla versions have begun to show their age, and there were some questionable design decisions (green fabric overload)

I added a tapestry to the back of the shield as a sort of good luck charm/ homage to mania which is a place for artisans. If you don't like it ... I don't care. ; )

Unfortunately I didn't have time to make matching weapons though the high res texture pack should match the vanilla weapons well enough.

Installation: Extract to oblivion directory.

Legal: You may use however you like. Just credit me if you include this in another mod or use these files as a resource.

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