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Some Reasons to Consider Using DLL:

1) It works right out of the box with any mod setup (FCOM, WAC, TIE, etc), and it gives you an amazing amount of control over how they spawn if you're into tweaking.

2) It is able to spawns go on an automatically generated patrol routes.

3) When it spawns more than one creature, it spawns different creatures instead of two duplicate creatures; which is impossible for normal increased spawn mods to do.

4) The EPIC button. Gives each encounter a small percentage chance to spawn creatures way above your level.

5) It ensures that boss creatures only spawn once per dungeon, with its Boss Exceptions system.

6) There is no need for any patch that removes creatures, like "MMM - No Slimes" patch. DLL can block anything automatically using keywords or FormIDs.

7) (Upcoming) It will soon be able to manage items in addition to creatures.

8) It has an easy to use, helpful interface for understanding and modifying your spawn behaviors:

This has got to be one of the most important important mods ever made for Oblivion. It is definitely of the magnitude of FCOM, WAC, DR, Midas.... Just brilliant work. - Trollatuofs

I have to say that this mod has had the greatest impact on my game since I discovered OOO about five years ago. Running a full FCOM setup I think I have yet to see the same creature more than once. I also have seen several creatures I have never seen before with previous characters with more than a hundred hours played. - Poddmeister

Still wondering what DLL is and why you would want to use it?.

If you enjoy this mod, please endorse! It only takes a second, and it helps others find which mods are worth getting.
Thanks so much to all of you that voted for DLL as a May 2011 FOTM! 8D

News/Updates <|

4.2 Release
Major changes:
- A Leveled List modeler has been added to the GUI. This will let users look at any LList and see the probabilities it will have in real time as the user changes settings.
- The PC-offset actor abuse issue has been dealt with.
- Exception Management is now done through the application GUI.

If you have a mod that you want on the exception list, contact me. I will add you to the DLLexceptions folder included in my download,
ensuring your mod is untouched if anyone uses DLL.

Readme <|

- Description
- Installation
- First Timers Guide
- Settings Overview
- Troubleshooting
- Bug Reporting
- Credits/Legality
- Changelog

Be sure to refer to the


Also, check out the


Compatibility <|

DLL should be compatible with almost anything. It was designed to be able to take in anything and work with it. This means any set of mods, with any patches, with any load order.

However, DLL could have an incompatibility with mods that makes use of OBSE Leveled List changing functions. I don't know of any mods that do so, however.

Credits <|

- Thanks to all the people that helped on the forums! It's amazing to have a community that gives help freely.
- Hickory for being a forum watchdog
- The OBSE team that makes Oblivion modding possible
- All the modders who make great content for DLL to process, thanks! 8D
(Here goes my FCOM/WAC/OWC-ND combination project! Woot!)