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Added: 30/04/2006 - 09:30PM
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Last updated at 0:07, 8 Jan 2008 Uploaded at 21:30, 30 Apr 2006

Description: This is a plugin that will allow the player to purchase, place and interact with the various alchemical
flora found in Tamriel. YOu will be able to buy various seeds, plant them, and interact with the cultiavted flora in the following ways:

Pick Ingredient
Move Up ( Moves plant up by 4 along the Z axis )
Move Down ( Moves plant down by 4 along the z axis )
Destroy ( Deletes the plant )

Plants that have been harvested already cannot be interracted with again until they respawn...this includes destroying it. Also, Bamboo is included in this mod. The plant and the ingredient, which can be used along with the Cheydinhal Pet Shop mod, as the Panda eats bamboo leaves. Bamboo is imported from the Akavirian lands.