Frostcrag Village by Arthmoor
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High in the Jerall Mountains lies the impressive Frostcrag Spire. A magical wonder which you have apparently inherited from a long lost relative. As you arrive to claim your inheritance, you soon discover that there is a small village at the foot of the Spire which your unknown benefactor has failed to mention at all.

Frostcrag Village is a small Nordic settlement that sits in the shadow of Frostcrag Spire and serves as the homes for those who became the Spire's caretakers. It is a fairly simple place, with a tavern and homes for the residents to live in. Yet despite its simplicity, there are things to do here, so talk to the folks. Especially the tavern keeper, who as usual has loose lips about any and all who live there.

Requires OBSE 0019b or higher.