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A universal usable skeleton.nif working with all mods changing this unique game file. Works with all races. Strictly recommended for all mod users and all modders.
Contains the whole set of Scale Bones from Controlable Skeleton (including vertebral Scale Bones).
This skeleton allowes to control the whole body size ingame via Idle Animations.

Because the whole Oblivion game uses only ONE skeleton.nif for all body types it's strictly recommended that all modders further develop this skeleton.nif instead of creating their own.
Otherwise some mods using special bones won't work correctly.

see Change Log at the end of description, latest version: 1.8

2 types of skeleton.nif are included in this package (version 1.1 contains only the first)

1. a "Total Controlable Skeleton": includes Scale Bones in whole spine, needs a changing in Oblivion.ini
change bDisableHeadTracking=0 to 1
Eye contact of Player/ NPC then is disabled, but ingame it's nearly unsuspicious.
Since 1.4: New skeleton variant with Billboard reduces head tracking to rolleyes (Thx to LogicDragon)in Player Char, OBSE- Mod LOOK HERE YOU is recommended. No .ini changings needed.

2. a "Controlable Skeleton" without Scale Bones in spine, that's why without head wobbling while head tracking is active. No changings in Oblivion.ini are needed, but changing of body shape via menu (work in progress) is impossible with this version.

Extract the archive with a newer version of 7zip or WinRAR.
Open the folder of your choice and copy the included DATA folder over the existing in your ..Bethesda Softworks\Oblivion directory.

Because of limitations of Oblivion engine Scale Bones inserted to spine cause uncontrolable head wobbling. It looks like player/ NPC has eye contact to something somewhere.
That's why the head tracking has to be disabled while using Scale Bones in spine (essential to change body shape via ingame menu). Since 1.4 not needed.

The construction of wings seems to be absolutely mysterious because 3 wing bones (Bip01 Wing 04, 07 and 09) are on exactly the same position. (Splitted by animation? Nobody knows.)
Can't change this because I don't know if those bones are used by meshes.

Please contact me if I've forgotten some bones.

"Realistic Ragdoll and Forces" is not implemented yet because of changings in .nif I can't reproduce (and because of whimpering of non- users of this mod).

Thanks to TheTalkieToaster for initial idea to add Scale Bones and to Vipcxj/ ADDk1k for their development of TalkieToasters ingenious work.
Thx to Coronerra for his Maximum Compatibility Skeleton.
Special thanks to the creators of NIFtools for their unvaluable work. And to Drake for his beautiful race and Deedees for his, uuups, Maximum Compatibility Skeleton, Dryad, mmmpld.
Thx to LogicDragon for the Billboard node development.
And, of course, to Bethesda for a never ending modding story.
Deep respect to the TESnexus team for hosting and preservation of such a lot of mods.

Permission is generally granted for further development.

Version 1.0
- Coronerra's Maximum Compatibility Skeleton
- all Scale Bones except fingers and spine (subfolder "ControlableSkeleton")
- all Scale Bones except fingers (subfolder "TotalControlableSkeleton")
Works with standard meshes, BBB, Growlfs Body Resizing Mod, Vipcxj's Real High Heels

Version 1.1
Contains only TotalControlableSkeleton
- added bones from Drake's Anthro- Dragon Race
- added bones from Deedees' Maximum Compatibility Skeleton
Works with standard meshes, BBB, Growlfs Body Resizing Mod, Vipcxj's Real High Heels, Drake's Anthro- Dragon Race and maybe some bouncing butt meshes.
You have to disable eye contact in Oblivion.ini to prevent uncontrolable head wobbling
set bDisableHeadTracking=0 to 1

Version 1.2
Now with subfolder ControlableSkeleton again, no changings in Oblivion.ini needed (head tracking works, but no scaling of spine bones possible).

Version 1.3
Now additionally containing bones from
- UFF Moving Breast and Animations
- Show Quivers
It seems everybody rigs his own bones although nearly same bones already exist (for example Buttock, Hp1).
That's crap!
2 versions as described in 1.0 and 1.2. Don't forget changings in Oblivion.ini if using the "TotalControlableSkeleton" version.

I didn't add the 1st person bones (except bossom bones) because I think they are invisible ingame. If it is not so please cry!

Version 1.4
deleted: because of simplifying the nomenclature of Scale Bones ("Scale" instead of "scale") the deforming animations don't work, plz download version 1.5

Version 1.5
- added a SCALE SHOE bone between Bip01 and SCALE NON ACCUM to adjust shoe height ingame via .kf separately from leg length
- converted the HEAD bone into a Billboard node (Thx to LogicDragon) so the changing in Oblivion.ini (bDisableHeadtracking=1) furtherly isn't needed.
OBSE 0020 and the Mod "Look Here You" is recommended to prevent rolleyes at player char.

- only added a SCALE SHOE bone between Bip01 and SCALE NON ACCUM to adjust shoe height ingame via .kf separately from leg length
- body deformation via .kf isn't possible in this version, but no need to use OBSE or .ini changings.

- added a folder with an skeleton containing all Scale bones up to 1.5, but no billboard nodes to prevent Blender import errors.

Version 1.6 -1.8
deleted because impracticable

Version 1.81
- fixed a OP (= bosom) bone issue in ControlableSkeleton in 1.8
- added ReScale bones to every scalable bone, so it's possible to individually change size of every bone by Idle Animations without alteration of following bones. Conception: Scale Bone/ original bone/ ReScale Bone, excepting fingers and toe.
- reworked all Scale/ ReScale Bones. Except Bip01 R/L Shoe they now contain NiTransformControllers instead of BlendControllers
- added Coronerras 1st person skeleton instead of my smoothed version
- like in 1.5 2 versions are included (with/ without Scale Bones in spine) and a "ForModders" folder containing a skeleton.nif without billboards

Unfortunately it seems to be impossible to adapt Sky Captains 1st person skeleton for "Deadly Reflex 6" (extremely deformed view axis in 1st person view).