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The Sundered Keep: An epic scale dungeon with many twists and turns, and horrifying monsters to keep you on your toes. Comes with a questline and many interesting rewards.

Permissions and credits
Name: The Sundered Keep
Version: 1.20
Requirements: Oblivion Patch
Recommended Mods: OBSE - Elys Universal Silent Voice
Author: ub3rman123
RELz Threads: The Nexus Forums, Bethsoft Forums, TESA
Download: TESNexus, TES Alliance

The Sundered Keep is a large quest mod that will take you from the swamps of Blackwood to the depths of the earth to the Sea of Ghosts. It's an epic quest chain, with tens of new enemies and monsters, possibly tens of new NPCs, and many unique rewards. Travel across the world to stop an ancient god from gaining a foothold in the long lost city of Witherstone. Meet interesting new characters, wield amazing new weaponry, and explore vast forgotten caverns and ruins.

I'm finally releasing this mod after ~6 months of work. Thanks to Ranakoa and David Brasher for starting the contest that got me into it. I'm posting this mod with the feeling of relief at finally getting it off my drive, because I'm somewhat sick of it by this point.

There is a separate discussion tab for spoilers in the discussions area. Please use that if you think what you're saying might be a spoiler.

I have also added on a bug reports section. Sorry for the disorganization in the early stages of release. This is a mod I'm sick of by now. Download it!

Hundreds of new models and textures!
A completely unique player home that can be relocated to literally anywhere you like!
Many new weapons and armor!
An intriguing questline and a stunning epic finish!
A gigantic multilevel dungeon with more fiends than you can wave a poleaxe at!

A wandering mage has discovered in her scrying that a long forgotten god, Leer, has recently discovered a loophole to access Tamriel, a relic from his last incursion. The mage will need your help in stopping Leer from entering the realm of mortals.

When the mod is loaded, a quest stage will appear, informing you that the mod is loaded. A minion of the mage's should start making its way towards you.

Known bugs
At one point, you're asked to sleep on a bed. There's not a recorded sound file for the section, so you'll just have to sit there for 8 seconds and pretend.

LEAVE YOUR COMPANIONS BEHIND! They can mess up the scripting, as well as getting stuck in areas when MoveTo is called on the player. I don't know how to make a MoveTo affect you and modded companions, so I have no choice.

I haven't received reports of it from other players, but I get a bug where the monster at the very beginning of the mod doesn't do anything, and instead just sits where it is. That's what I added in a quest marker to it for.

As with the previous, I have had AI problems with a few enemies, particularly the spirits of Leer and a certain group of pirates. They just sit there. This might be on other computers, but nobody's mentioned it yet.

In the tower at the end of the quest is a number of clothing sets. You can duplicate the clothing items by placing back only one piece of the clothing and dropping the rest. Use it to outfit your companions if you want.

Known Incompatibilities:
- New Bridges and Roads (A part intersects with Myria's Study)
- Under the sign of the dragon - Fort Akatosh Redux

1.00: Release
1.05: Fixed a bug with Myria that caused crashing
Altered the Witherstone City world
Fixed a small bug with a note
Fixed scripting on a book
1.10: Fixes a few bugs related to the Herald
1.15:Completely redesigns the stuck memory!
Moved a rock in the Witherstone Castle section that was sticking out
Minor changes to Witherstone City to reduce # of places to get stuck
Rebuilds the coding on pirate companions to be more efficient
Added a few new enemies to the platforms in the pirate caves
Added in lots of music! Thanks, Marios Aristopoulos!
Rebuilds a section of the caves to avoid crashing
Fixes to the pirate companion scripting
Minor pathgrid changes to a few cells
Fixes to various small scripts
Tweaks scripting on the Orb
Alters a few stats
1.16: Fixed the dirty Arena edits
1.17: Fixed the waves scripting
Fixed the pirate hat
1.20: Actually fixes the waves scripting
Fixes Admiral Duvalier CTD
Fixes mesh path on Great Fortune Breeches
Script optimization
Clean .esp
Various scripting fixes and tweaks

All the people on the forums who've helped me with my problems! Among them: Pronam, WillieSea, Ranokoa, Alonsomartinez, and many others who my horrible memory can't remember. Thanks also goes out to the BTA Guild on TESA & the beta testers here on the Nexus for their thorough and extensive testing.

WalkerInShadows for creating a massive number of bugfixes seen in v 1.20
Treleth for the ingenious scripting on his Portable Tent mod
Zotman12 (Hentai) for resources used from Hentai Mania 2
Mr_Siika for his Necropolis resource*,Siege Engines* & Mr_Siika's Rocks*
Pale_Rider for Pirates Reloaded*
Sinblood for Ravenous Elegance* & Crimson Midnight*
Gizmodian for theUnderdark Unique Robes* & Sorceress Robes*
Andragorn for Andragorn's Weapons and Armors*
VanillaBeans and Hentai for Plate of the Shadow
Dall for the Fireglow Axe*
Oriphier for Real Umbra*
Necrospawn for Slayer's Sword Pack*
Throttlekitty for Rapier Set*
Stroti for Stroti's Static Alchemy Clutter*
Waalx for Realswords Bosmer*
Phitt for the Mad Mage's Tower*
Texian for Animated River Meshes*
Leo Gura for Lost Spires*
Marios Aristopoulos for the music. Check out his website at www.marios-aristopoulos.com!

While I don't think I've missed anyone (And I've lost sleep trying not to), please message me or post in the comments section if I used your resources without putting up credit here.

Items with an asterisk are marked as modders' resources.