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A very simple but customizable autosave utility.

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Custom Autosave v. 1.0
by SKY6A

A very simple but customizable autosave utility. The player may specify the following:

-- how often the game is saved
-- how many saved games are retained before they are over-written
-- whether to save only after a time interval, only after combat, or both
-- how long to delay after combat before saving
-- whether the utility operates in the background or with screen messages

In order to prevent data corruption and to avoid other undesirable results, this utility will never save under the following conditions:

-- when a menu is open
-- when a new area is loading
-- when the player is in combat
-- when the player is dead

Also, this utility will not create a save each time the player is "in combat" as the game normally defines it, but only if the player actually engages in combat by swinging a weapon or staff, firing an arrow, casting a spell, blocking, or dodging. This prevents saved games from being created simply because, for example, the player was detected by a nearby creature, but moves on before combat actually ensues.

In my search for an autosave utility, it seemed to me that those available did either too much or too little. So I originally created this simple mod solely to meet my personal preferences. I decided to release it, though, just in case it might meet someone else's preferences as well. If so, enjoy!

This utility requires Oblivion Script Extender (OBSE) version 20 or higher.

Unzip the package into your "Oblivion\Data" directory and activate "Custom
Autosave.esp" via the launcher or your favorite mod management utility.

By default, saved games will be created once every 2 minutes of real time--
that is, each game hour at Vanilla timescale--and 3 seconds after each combat. Three Timed Saves and three Combat Saves will be retained before being over-written. Notification messages are turned off.

Each of these settings may be adjusted in the configuration file (Custom
Autosave.ini), located by default in the "\Oblivion\Data\Ini" directory.

De-activate "Custom Autosave.esp" and delete it, along with this file and
"\Data\Ini\Custom Autosave.ini".

Naturally, this mod is released "as is." I use it myself, so I have been very careful to avoid any undesirable effects. If there are any, I may address them, but can take no responsibility. Use at your own risk.