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This mod adds ayleid-elven style house to Valus mountains. Short quest included.

Permissions and credits
Atahnoral - the wizard's home
author - Horinf

See You Sleep Patch Compilation is now availible (Thanks to HavenofDarkness for this!)

Update: 1.Pathgrid for companions has been added.
2. Hidden quest for tower guardians has been added. Look for the book called natural allies somewhere in the tower.
3. UL-Eastern Peaks alternative esp has been added. This esp must be used instead of original Eastern Peaks, not with it.

This mod adds ayleid-elven style house to Valus mountains. To start the quest, go to Malada and there, outside, find the Ancient Stand.
The quest is pretty short, but you will need to defet several enemies (not very strong).

More detailed description
The house consists of main tower and gardens.
Main tower:
- Private wizard's rooms
- Room with fireplace
- laboratory
- upper tower rooms with additional beds
- master's chamber
- "kitchen" and storage room

Tower has various activators, mainly light switches. Lab has armorer and alchemy buffs.
In the garden and in the lab one can find plants and mushrooms.

List of doors and activators
1. Moonlight Sanctuary
- main door out
- door to the main area with fireplace
- 2 portals to the wilderness
- Stone-door to the pool below. Locked. The key is in container in the upper tower
2. Main area
- Door to Moonlight Sanctuary
- Door to the Wizard's Sanctum
- Door to the upper tower
- stone button that switches the doors
- 2 hidden doors - one leads into the vaults, the second - to the magic kitchen
- light switch
3. Hidden vaults
- Wine barrel that provides you with moonshadow wine
- huge barrel that gives you beer
4. Magic kitchen
- several devices that will give you some small amount of food
5. Wizard's Sanctum
Lower level
- Door to the terrace
- Door to the main area
- Doorstep monolith will enable doors to the small gazebo and ascended part of the lower wizard's sanctum
- several light switches
- on the ascended part there are spellmaking and enchanting devices, stone that toggles library stairs and the door to the vaults of creation
- door to the upper level
Upper level
- stone-door to the garden
- stargate-door to the lightwell
- well of replenishment
6. Vaults of creation
- armorer and alchemy buff devices
- door to Malada Atahnorasel
- Ayleid recharger
7. Malada Atahnorasel
- Door to Malada Aldmerisel
- Stone of Xoog
8. Upper tower
Upper level
- Door to lower level
- Light switch
- Stair switch
- Paintings switch
- Door to the Chamber of Mage-Lord
- Door to the Lightwell
Lower level
- Door to the middle level
- light switches
- Stone of covering
- paintings switch
Middle level
- light switch
- upper-unpenetratable seal button
- door to outside (leads to side tower)
Chamber of the Mage-Lord
- Moonfall crystal - teleport to the side tower
- Vibrating crystal - teleport to the wizard's sanctum
- Misty crystal - teleport to the upper tower
lower level
- Stone of ruin - makes the tower destroyed again and restores it
- Locking stone - toggles unpenetratable seals (except the seal to the upper tower)
- Second locking stone - toggles the upper tower seal
- Stair stome - enables the stairs in the upper tower
- Will of the mage-lord - provides with teleport spell and finish the quest
9. Lightwell
- Nothing here but a beautiful nightsky

Looks like that's all.

Quest Tip
On one of the stages you will need to find a key in a small chest. Use this key to open the locked container in ruins.

1.Shivering isles
2.UL mods (at least Arrius Creek and Cloudtop Mountains. If you have not installed them, you may be teleported under or above ground when using tower portals. This is not essential, however).
3.Disabled borders


1.0 Initial release
1.01 Several fixes.
- renamed some pieces of furniture
- renamed ayleid ruins cells as well as the map marker
- fixed several floating rocks, trees and mushrooms
- Overlook 2 removed
1.02 More fixes
- Some items has been retextured to reduce the archive size
- More floating rocks, trees and mushrooms have been fixed
- Several items have been renamed
- Skillbooks have ben removed from the books container in Wizard's sanctum and Upper tower. The book on the lectren in Upper tower was removed.
- Staff rack and staff in Upper tower were removed because I couldn't put the staff in the rack ingame, so I decided to delete it. I've replace the rack with ayleid pedestal with somnalis frond.
- Wine bottles from wine rack containers have been removed
- No-UL alternative plugn was added

Resources from these modder are used here:

css0101 (Ancient Elven Furniture)
meo (a lot of things)
stroti (alchemy, shelves and more)
lady li (metal textures)
hellspawn and sahardoom (stargate)
khalazza (dirt for planters)
mr siika (metal, market resource and more)
phitt (artifacts)
trollf (paintings)
RGM (morning glory)
isathar (ayleid ruins)
John Satriani (some stairs)
zimnel and PhantomVoid (curtains)
omegacron (scrolls and weapon racks)
loth DeBonneville (staff rack)
xiamara (wine racks)
Timalk-ae (invisible furniture)
Dante90 (Night Elves model and texture)
Ren (Hair models)

If I forgot somebody - let me know.

some models and textures are created by me (a lot of textures are from
If you use my models and/or textures, please give me credit in readme.