Laser Gun - Attack of the Droids by electionis Jedi Knight 05
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Uploaded by David Brasher


Last updated at 22:05, 26 Feb 2011 Uploaded at 19:54, 26 Feb 2011

Uploader Note: I did not make this mod. JediKnight05 made it, using some of my resources
which I allowed him to use. I helped him by uploading it.
Laser Gun - Attack of the Droids V 1.5
Game: The Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion
Authors: electionis, JediKnight05
Requirements: Shivering Isles
Date 2-26-11
1. Description
2. Installing the Plug-in
3. Version History
4. Conflicts/Known Issues
5. Credits
6. Permissions
This is a remake/alternate version of "Laser Gun" by electionis at

This mod adds a laser gun, and a large four-level space station full of droids as a battleground.
Oblivion is a sci-fi shooting game now. ;-)

This mod is primarily based on "Soul gun" mod. The blaster looks like a rifle, but actually
it's a staff. It was simply turned it into a laser gun. No more fireballs, it will shoot lasers now
and has some subtle additional features. The speed of the projectile was adjusted so you can see the
laser coming out from the rifle. It can shoot approximately 3 times per second with a blaster sound

To start the mod, go to the southeastern end of IC Waterfront District. In a small graveyard
with tomb stones you will find a portal platform. It will take you to a space station under attack
by a horde of droids. Open the first container that you see to get your laser gun and other
equipment. Start down the hallway and you will receive further instructions in-game.

The space station has four large levels to explore. They have all been overrun by the droids,
and can be quite dangerous. The quest entry will tell you about the five locations you need to fight
your way to, and what you will need to do there. There are five quest markers to follow, and they
each turn off after completing the objectives at the particular location.

To exit the mod, you can leave by the portal you entered it through. If you beat the mod, you
will be given the option to teleport directly back to Cyrodiil.

You can play the mod with any weapons, armor, and companions that you want, but if you like to
roleplay, you should probably only use the science fiction weapons you find in the mod, and refrain
from using magic except for healing magic.

This mod is rather difficult, and you may want to have a level 15 or higher character before
attempting it. Lots of healing magic is a necessity because the droids hit hard and fast.
Unzip the file into the /data folder where oblivion is installed.
From your mod manager, select Data Files and check the box next to the name of Laser Gun - Attack of
the Droids.esp.
V 1.5 2-26-11 Initial release.
There may be a conflict with Supreme Magicka.

When droids follow you to Cyrodiil the droid's blasters may lose the laser firing sound. The
blaster sound of yours is not affected.

The light sabers are not set up to retract or extend nor to make light saber sounds.

Some of the levels of the space station are edited and reused from the mod "First Person Shooter"
by David Brasher at http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=37092

The balance of the weapons and droids was made for the quest in the space station and is only
logical and consistent there. So in Cyrodiil, the droids might seem to have too few health points,
the light saber might seem overpowered, and the laser blaster might seem underpowered, but the
extremely high rate of fire and high number of charges compensates.

If you find a game-breaking bug in this mod, report it to JediKnight05 in the comments section of
the page where you downloaded the mod. Do it as soon as possible so the bug can be fixed and a new
version uploaded.
1. Bethesda for Oblivion.

2. George Lucas et al. for Star Wars.

3. hardcoreben for Soul Gun bullet effect.

4. I_Raim for Staff conversion.

5. Lord Slyther for original M16 mesh.

6. mr_siika for Battle Droid upper body mesh from centurion and immortal NPC.

7. electionis for the mod "Laser Gun."

8. Gildur for the pipes from "Atmospheric Clutter," modders resource.

9. Sahardoom for Light Saber from "Dwemer Plasma Blades - Lightsabers - Modders Resource."

10. David Brasher for levels from "First Person Shooter."
Resources from the mod "Laser Gun:"
Feel free to use this work any way you like.
Absolutely no need to ask for permission.
Just a little credit will be appreciated, but you are not required to.
You can even claim that you made this mod! ;) I do not care.
All I want is that you have some fun.

Resources from the mod "First Person Shooter:"
May be used with proper attribution and courtesy notification to David Brasher on TES Nexus.

Resources from "Laser Gun - Attack of the Droids:"
May be used with proper attribution and courtesy notification to JediKnight05 at the download
point on TES Nexus.