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A rather light leveled list overhaul mod that makes it so armors and weapons better than silver and steel are rare, hostile NPC grunts are around level 15-20, and both wimpy and tough creatures can pop up at any time during your game.

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So I go to install one of the most popular Oblivion overhaul mods and it has this 59 page instruction document.  I choke.  I say, "You want me to read, comprehend, remember, agree with,and be happy about 59 pages of stuff?  You have got to be kidding!"  That mod had about 29 .esp files.  It didn't even sound fun trying to figure out which ones to install and which ones to leave out.  That mod looked like it was going to edit a little bit of everything.  I just wanted a mod to edit a few things.
So I said, "Heck with it!  I will just build my own overhaul mod!"  So here is a modfor non-conformists.  I don't know if anyone else will like it.  People who don't like it can go readthose 59 pages and have a swell time.  (And if they get to the end of them, maybe they could actually play Oblivion.  Fancy that!)
So instead of 59 pages, this mod has about five pages of documentation. There are six .esp files to chose from, not 29.   

This mod edits the following and nothing else:

(1) Light armor tougher than chainmail is rare.  No hordes of bandits in glass armor.
(2) Heavy armor tougher than steel is rare.  No hordes of marauders in daedric armor.
(3) Because it would be boring to have all the NPCs wearing the same armor, new variations of armor that is of the strength of fur, leather, chainmail, iron, and steel have been added to the leveled lists.

(4) Weapons more powerful than steel and silver are rare.  No hordes of bandits with daedric weapons.

(5) Generic enemy NPCs tend to be between level 15 and 20.  They are frightful when you are level 1, and easy to kill when you are level 30.  They do not track your progress and do not always remain precisely as tough as you, except for the bosses which are still leveled.  Beware of them.
(6) Bandits, Necromancers, and Conjurers have more diverse faces.

(7) Creature leveled lists have been subverted.  They now randomly spawn tough creatures and wimpy creatures at any time.  When you are level 1, you will see both wolves and brown bears.  When you are level 45, you will still see wolves and brown bears instead of nothing but brown bears.
(8) A small fraction of the creatures are now non-hostile and will not attack you unprovoked.  Another small fraction of the creatures are cowardly and run away when they see you coming.    

This mod focuses on eliminating the leveling of generic spawns.  It does not mess much with the quests, which still have their leveled spawns or unique preset individuals of a certain strength.  I didnot want to imbalance and break quests.  

This mod does not mess with vendor merchandise except for weapons and armor.  So that part ofthe game is still leveled in places.  For example, you will have to be high level before anyone will sellyou an Expert Mortar & Pestle.  

This mod does not edit the Shivering Isles as heavily as it edits Cyrodiil.  I have only beat Shivering Isles three times and do not understand its game dynamics well enough to have a clear idea on how they could be made better.  Parts of them are more elaborately wrought than equivalents in Cyrodiil, so it may be that there is less need for an overhaul there.   

Many people already play and enjoy various popular overhaul mods.  Those people do not need this mod.  But if you are looking into getting your first overhaul mod or are dissatisfied with yourcurrent one, then this mod is available as another option for you.