1. LordPalpatine2020
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    Okay, first off, I'm sorry for posting on this old mod in April 2020! Second, I'm having trouble up in the Dwarven/Dwemer ruin thats in the middle of a mountain in the middle of the SIlgrad Towers mod's lands, Dumac I think it's name is!!!! This dwemer ruin is the one that has all these switches or levers that you have to activate in a certain order in order to gain access thru the door! Now there's no way to know what the order is, so does anyone know or remember what the order of the switches/levers is in that Dwemer RUin I'm talking about? And is it part of a quest, cause I'm not sure as I accidentally came upon those ruins while exploring!!!
  2. babybladeface
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    For anyone still looking for this mod, you can find it on the Lone Bullet site.
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    dead mod, i know, but where do i find the merchant in the imperial city who sells the teleport scrolls?
    i remember playing this mod like years back tho i'm stuck, would just download the forgotten garden to clue myself in again tho i can't find that anywhere on the net n e more. was recently able to d/l this mod (which is still on the net, just do a quick google search) tho unfortunately i'm kind f'd cus i can't even remember how to start.

    if n e body could help out that would b really appreci8ed.
    thx in advance.
  4. mzarkas
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    I see that they did all they can to make the Silgrad Tower's downloading impossible.

    Please contact me if you've got this mod on your PC
  5. 1Mac
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    It is currently impossible to register at silgradmodding.org. It is using an old version of Captcha and needs to be updated. I've sent messages to Sandor/Silgrad Tower team through a few different channels, but I haven't heard anything and I'm not sure I will.

    You can download the mod without registering: Just go here and follow Xavec's instructions below. What you can't download is the cleaned, updated esp file, and I believe there's an updated esm file that's also inaccessible. I'm going to try at least cleaning the esp myself, but if anyone has any ideas on getting the updated esp and esm (or better still, can fix the aforementioned Captcha issue), I'd appreciate it!

  6. Oblivionaddicted
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    When I check for errors in the esm using TES4Edit I get a 87 pages long report, did you plan anything to fix it?
  7. Xavec_Telvanni
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    (Seems above link now leads to a non-existent site. Hopefully this is temporary but I wouldn't get my hopes up)
    You have to go there for the files for those who are having trouble (like I was). You will need to register and the broken links are covered in the mirror (alfadrive). Use the logon and password provided. One of the links in the mirror is for the Morrowind version of Silgrad Tower (1-4_6.6_full)
  8. mrmayhem2
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    How on earth do I download this? Some of the links for some of the files just are'nt working.
  9. Edwardgz
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    Does this mod conflict with morroblivion or the mod for morroblivion that allows you to cross right into morroblivion from cyrodil?
    1. mrmayhem2
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      Im wondering the same thing. One way to find out!
  10. chambcra
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    I'm very impressed with the amount of work and quality of this mod except the fps in the Forgotten Garden is unplayable at times. I have two GTX 780's and a CPU to match which would have been almost a super computer back then. I do have triple screen resolution but changing that to 1920 x 1080 doesn't help. It's not just the graphics either. The CPU seems bottle-necked. After I finished the main quest of the Forgotten Garden I was just trying to get out of there and I slowed down to 1 fps or slower. I couldn't just press the tilde key to get the console. I had to press and hold before it would come up. If anyone comes along here and knows what the deal might be, I'd really appreciate knowing what it is.
    1. Acerac
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      Yeah, I had the same issues with FPS in certain parts of the Forgotten Garden, but other than that, I had no issues and explored much of the mainland. It's a beautiful mod. It's too bad it seems abandoned now. I'd Really like to see them finish it.