Yakumo Isle - HotSpring and LittleHome by TeR
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Yakumo Isle and 2optionalSkin ver1.1

by TeR(Blary)

I am sorry, but I cannot speak English. Therefore, this sentence uses the machine translation.
I may not understand your words, but please forgive it.

This mod adds a small island.And that island was modeled after Yukumo in MonsterHunter.
The island has a hot spring (Onsen) facilities and home, the house has become home for the players.


Shivering Isles
HGEC(?:If you do not installed HGEC.Please disable NPCs or change there clothes in CS.

1. Please Extract the downloaded data

2. Copy(or OBMM) the [Data\]folder to Oblivion\ , and check the esp.

Mapmarker(Torii) is added near the outer wall of the Imperial City.
Torii is Door and Activater,please activate it.
Please see the detailed location of the SS.

If the house also you use as a base,please use Teleport spell that sell in shop.

;The contents of hot spring facilities is a hot spring and service NPC.
;In the hot springs are covered with invisible seat, so you can sit. If you want,please see cross-hair and find chair mark.
;Soaked in Onsen (sitting in a chair) that level-dependent effect (temporary increase Health and fatigue) is. and it Once a day.
;Alchemy shop sell ECbody and HGECbody Bath towel.
;They are wearing the Yukata and it is HGECbody.

;In house,the sliding door on the far right has become container.
;When you left the island, please activate the torii at the entrance of the island.
;If you want to keep the benefits of hot springs, please select the destination and FT directly.
;Outside house,the many orangeball is not tomato/orange.It is Dried Persimmons that a traditional Japanese dried fruit.

;May take some time to appear, such as Smoke and falling leaves.Try approaching and wait a few seconds.
;All door are invisible.please see cross-hair and find door mark.

;1.1ver add Window Lighting.At night, lit a light in the window.

and more

coblver_esp:please see SS. coblver_esp contain 1 esp.
it is cobl_version(need Cobl.esm).its is replace littlehouse_chest to CoblLuggage.
and if you choice it,please replace esp.

If you're using Unique Landscape, please load order before it

!!:WinterSkin and SpringSKin are optionalfile.please download it.
Modify and redistribute are prohibited on.
Because some model and textures are used under authors permissions.

If you want to use something of this mod,please PM me first.

This MOD uses many resources from moddersresource and other mod.

If there are errors/problems and missing permission,Please contact me.

Aurygas:Aurygas Akavir Fuyohin Island
Disturbed:Decoration Pillows
Alex Stoian:Modern Bed
Texian:Static Water
Meo:Openbooks/Booksets/Room Dividers
Vacuity:VaPER-Falling Leaves
Momo:Basket/Cloth Resource
Timalk-ae:Invisible Furniture
Puff:Invisible Activator
ra5946:Japanese Pond

Hifoo:Akaviri Samurai Shop
exilehunter:Amaterasu no Yume
Lera and Pizz:RiseOfASamurai in OSYOGATSU
Brent Friedman:Craftybits
washington:Grandpa Frosts Little Igloo
zeo:House in Riverside
jbvw:Vaernlor Manor



Spook:Snow objects
Momo:Momo's Eiszapfen Ressource

And All Senior Modders