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Sentinel's Legendary Weapons & Armors

Please make sure to check for updates frequently . Any future set will be added here. Also check the bottom of this Readme to see what I'm working on. Feel free to give ideas about sets you may want into the discussion section. Don't forget also to post picture of your characters wearing the stuff into the Images section

If you are using earlier version then 4.2 just overwrite everything. All save games will work fine.

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Name: Sentinel's Legendary Weapons & Armors
Version: 4.2 NEW
Date: 2011/2/18
Category: Weapons and Armor
Requirements: Oblivion Patch
Author: S.Rangelov aka. SenTineL
Source: http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=36954

Become a legend yourself ? Why not ! The last Sentinel is willing to grant you some legendary artifacts. Five full sets of armor and a lot of weapons. Prove yourself worthy and one day you may become Sentinel yourself.

Follow the quest !!! It will start as soon as you load/start a game. (well if you start a new game it will appear after you exit the sewers) If you can't find the temple look into the "Bonus Content" folder for spoiler.

What does this modification do ? It adds five full sets of armor , 22 new weapons and a temple building.

    The sets :
  • "Captain Sylvan's Raiment" - Light armor (male)
  • "Akaviri Emperor's Raiment" - Heavy armor (male) The armor is without the mask shown on some screenshots.
  • "Alinor's Blade Dancer Raiment - Light armor (female HGEC) (new in 2.0 and above)
  • "Hircine's Trapper Raiment" - Light armor (male and female) (new in 3.0 and above)
  • "Belneiros' Battlemage Raiment" - Light armor (unisex - after all it is a robe with a plate chestpiece) (new in 4.0 and above)

The armors are suitable for characters above lv 20. If you want to use them before that you can play with the difficulty slider into the Option menu. Keep in mind also that I play with FCOM so for Vanilla Oblivion the armor will be suitable for lv 25-30.
Female characters can wear all the males armors also, but I haven't include a special female versions.

Captain Sylvan's Set Items :

Armor :

Sylvan's Helmet
Sylvan's Battle Cuirass
Sylvan's Cuirass
Sylvan's Mithrilmail
Sylvan's Greaves
Sylvan's Gauntlets
Sylvan's Boots

Clothes :

Sylvan's Cape
Sylvan's Mother Ring
Sylvan's Father Ring
Sylvan's Circle Of Preservation

Weapons :

Sylvan's Katana
Sylvan's Greatsword
Sylvan's Great Axe

Akaviri Emperor's Raiment set items :

Armor :

Emperor's Armor (Includes cuirass,greaves and boots in one .nif )
Emperor's Gauntlets
Emperor's Helmet
Emperor's Helmet (used on back - see screenshots)
Emperor's Shield

Weapons :

Akaviri Emperor's Katana
Akaviri Emperor's Naginata

Alinor's Blade Dancer Raiment set items :

Armor :

Alinor's Cuirass (Includes cuirass & gauntlets in one .nif)
Alinor's Greaves
Alinor's Boots
Alinor's Ease (Parry sword)

Clothes :

Alinor's Circle Of Dreams

Weapons :

Alinor's Grace (one handed sword)

Hircine's Trapper set items :

Armor :

Trapper's Cuirass
Trapper's Greaves
Trapper's Boots
Trapper's Gauntlets
Trapper's Masked Hood
Trapper's Staff Of Nature

Clothes :

Trapper's Gear - a belt with trapper's tools

Weapons :

Trapper's Bow
Arrows Of The Hunt (They are x2.5 faster the vanilla arrows)
Poisonous Arrows Of The Hunt (They are x2.5 faster the vanilla arrows)
Talon Of The Woods (sword)

"Belneiros' Battlemage Raiment"

Armor or Clothing (depending on choice):

Belneiros' Armored Robe
Belneiros' Gauntlets
Belneiros' Boots

Clothes :

Belneiros' Magic
Belneiros' Vortex Medallion

Weapons :

Belneiros's Rage (one handed sword)

Other Akaviri Weapons

Imperial Akaviri Dai-Katana - Legendary
Akaviri Heavy Naginata
Akaviri Naginata
Perfect Akaviri Katana/Dai-Katana
Akaviri Ninjato
Akaviri Wakizashi
Akaviri Fine Tanto
Akaviri War Bow
Akaviri Arrows (They are x2 faster the vanilla arrows)

Items from a future set :

Pure Steel Shield
Pure Steel Dai-Katana
(Can be used with Sylvan or Alinor's Raiments as well)

Bonus Content :

Prince Nuada's Weapons from Hellboy


Manual Install :

1. Extract the files to a temporary location. Take note of the folder name! READ THE INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS

2. Examine the folder structure. You will see six folders:
'Armour Enchanted'
'Armour Unenchanted'
'Clothing Enchanted'
'Clothing Unenchanted'

3. The clothing versions are for those who want the Mage's gear to be non-armour -- all other content is the same. YOU MUST ONLY INSTALL ONE! Eg. Armour Enchanted will give all enchanted armour and the mage's gear will be enchanted light armour. Clothing Enchanted will be the same gear except the mage's gear will be clothing instead of armour.

3a. From ONE of the folders (choose which one you want), copy the .esp to your \Oblivion\Data\ directory.
WARNING! If you copy more than one .esp, the last one you copy is the one that you will get. COPY ONLY ONE ESP!

4. Copy the 'Meshes' and 'Textures' folders to your \Oblivion\Data\ directory. Say yes to if you are asked to overwrite anything -- nothing from the original game will be changed.

5. Start Oblivion Launcher, click 'Data Files', place a check mark beside the .esp file.

OMOD Install :
1. Copy the downloaded OMOD to your \Oblivion\obmm\mods\ folder.
2. Open OBMM and double click on the mod in the right hand window
3. Script will guide you on installation options.
4. Mod should turn blue

BAIN Install :
If you have elected to download the BAIN archive you already know how to install it.
Just choose one of the plugins -- read the standard archive information above to understand what each option is.


Standard archive :

1. Start Oblivion Launcher, click Data Files, uncheck the .esp file.
2. Delete folders :

OMOD archive :
Open OBMM and double click on the blue Sentinel mod.
Mod should turn green

BAIN archive :
Again, Wrye Bash users will know how to uninstall.

It seems that the temple is standing on the road to Elsweyr - The Deserts of Anequina. Just make sure to load my mod BEFORE it and then the only problem you'll have is cosmetic because of the temple standing into the middle of the road.
Update: Hickory has kindly released a patch for the above problem. If you prefer, download the patch from Optional Files (recommended).

Other then that everything inside uses its own meshes and textures. No conflicts with other mods.


Fully compatible with OOO , FCOM and Unique Landscapes. (My mod don't mess with level lists)

Known Issues or Bugs

Everything has been fix in version 4.2 . If you find some after all ,please inform me either by PM my or email me. Keep in mind though that my native language is not English so some spelling mistakes can occur.


2011/02/03 - 1.0 Initial
2011/02/09 - 2.0 Adds a new female set of armor - Alinor's Raiment
2011/02/10 - 2.1 Fixes absolute texture paths for Alinor's sword (10x philipp greitner 155)
2011/02/11 - 2.2 Pathgrids inside the temple added;
Pathgrids outside the temple corrected
Placed collision boxes around the large tree so that characters won't walk through it
Alinor Katana -- missing duration of Drain enchantment added (5 secs)
Emperor Katana -- missing duration of Absorb enchantment added (5 secs)
Plugin cleaned with TES4Edit
2011/02/13 - 3.0 - Adds a new set of armor - Hircine's Trapper Raiment.
Meshes optimized with PyFFI
2011/02/13 - 3.1 - Fix Sylvan's Battle Cuirass pauldrons and adds the glow map for his Greatsword
2011/02/17 - 4.0 - Adds the fifth set - Belneiros's Battlemage Raiment. Adds a female version of Hircine's Trapper Raiment.
2011/02/17 - 4.1 - Fixed cuirass and missing sword mesh added.
2011/02/18 - 4.2 - Fixes the female Hircine's Trapper cuirass. Books, notes and Battlemage spelling and grammar fixed; separate plugins for enchanted/unenchanted armour/clothing version of Battlemage gear (gloves instead of gauntlets for clothing version); re-PyFFI'd and checked for errors.


You can find me on TESNexus as 'BGSenTineL'
You can send me an email here: [email protected]


Thanks to :

Very special thanks to Hickory for helping me with making the quest, fixes introduced in patch 2.2, PyFFI'ing meshes, creating different versions of esp for mages, spelling and grammar changes, creating and uploading BAIN and scripted OMODs and for his time and general advice.

Special thanks to jojjo for allowing me to use meshes from his silverlight armor.
Special thanks to Xenoziel for allowing me to use his beautifull background (Akaviri War Bow)

Edocsil for his fireplace tools
Meo300 - globes , fireplace and books
Nick_Op for his great syringe arrows mesh
Stroti for his great vault ,dynamite ,telescope and bottled ship sources
Piet_62 for his beautiful set of furniture.
Ghastley for his animated apparatus
zertualpro for his Tyrael Armor
Nitiren for his great genji armor model
Marcos for his light naginata model
Severian for his ninjato ,wakizashi and tanto models.
Little Baron for his flower pots
Da Mage for his beautiful red temle
Lauras for his/her (?) rugs
Evendar and gdarknight for their prince Nuada weapons
Loth for his weapon racks
KURESE for his Eisen Platte Armor
Gizmodian for her great Talon Of The Wood and Belneiros' Rage
tumbajamba for his archer addons mesh and the concept for battlemage armor
klarre for using some of his texture from "Forestheart"
nateneurotic for his great maple bow
waalx for his Bosmer arrows
Kafeid for his Vermillion robe
claci for his lightening sword idea.
Xilver for his lightening textures
Kearsage for his defensive staves
trollf for his elven katana model
Montbello Knight for his idea about Alinor's cuirass
Kafeis for his/her (?) armored circles
Lazarus (The WarCry mod creator) for his greataxe model
Adonnay for his beautiful silver sword and bow models
Lonewolf_kai for usage of his Heavens Wraith Alt helmet wings, which come from Alexanders Wings
Someone1074 for his cape model
Maltz for his heavy naginata model
Jerros, LHammonds - I took the pauldrons from LPOD armor and placed them on Sylvan's Battle Cuirass
Jason Angle for his magical fantasy art .
Thanks to Maigrets for spotting the incompatibility with Elsweyr mod.

Many thanks to http://imperial-library.info/ also for the great information source.

LHammonds for the Readme Generator this file was based on.
TESNexus.com for the a one-stop-shop resource for authors and players.
Bethesda for creating Oblivion.

Please forgive me if I had missed someone.

Tools Used
Blender - http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=12248
NIFSkope - http://niftools.sourceforge.net/wiki/NifSkope
Photoshop - http://www.adobe.com/products/photoshop/
TES Construction Set - http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=11367
Readme Generator - http://LHammonds.game-host.org/obmm/tools_readme_generator1.asp

All I ask is to contact me before re-packaging any part of this mod. Share your ideas and projects. You don't need my permission ,just make sure you give credits to me and/or anyone from the "credits" section of this ReadMe. Also if you like my work please rate ,comment ,endorse ,vote BUT don't forget the most important thing !!! Enjoy this as much as I enjoyed it while creating it.

Future Plans

Working on a brand new project with a lot of new unique stuff and a interesting quest. Teamed up with Hickory.