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Removes regeneration from Dread Zombies so that they\'re not as stupidly overpowered.

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From OblivioWiki: "The Dread Zombie is infamous among players for their ability to quickly regain health, powerful attacks and defense, and also a tendency to confront adventurous lower levelled players, meaning that they can be extremely difficult to kill. Dread Zombies have been known to kill guards and other powerful entities with ease, earning this foe a reputation as one of the hardest enemies to kill amongst the playerbase."

This mod attempts to address those issues by completely removing Dread Zombies' regeneration, making hit & run tactics more feasible.

Because it's such a simple mod, it has been released as a plain ESP with no readme, no nothing. Just drop it in your Oblivion\Data folder and alter the Data Files accordingly. If you know enough to have installed OBMM or Wrye Bash, I'm assuming you know more than enough to know how to create an appropriate file for those.