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Added: 28/01/2011 - 09:37PM
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Author's note:

I've been mostly unable to play Oblivion on my laptop for a while (my laptop has some pretty extreme overheating issues whenever I try to play a game of any sort on it for longer than five minutes), and so have not been able to completely write an updated version of the walkthrough. It will remain as the version 1 until further notice.


Due to massive demand for a walkthrough for Kvatch Rebuilt, I decided to write one.

The original Notepad file is still available for download should anyone want it, but compared to the v2, it's quite outdated and very flawed, and lacks pictures. Although it is a lot smaller in filesize. So there we go.

v2 has screenshots and maps, and it's available for download in both .pdf and .docx depending on your choice, and overall ability to endure red and green squiggly lines dominating the pages.

Despite the v2 being far more epic than v1, it was far more trouble than it was worth. Wanting to take some extra screenshots to put into the walkthrough was eventually thrown out of the window due to my game not wanting me to leave interior cells. Ugh.


Firstly, the general public; if it weren't for a demand for a walkthrough, I probably wouldn't have bothered writing it.

StefOmega, for suggesting the screenshots, then subsequently giving me his screenshots to do with as I please.
Also, for letting me steal his format, because it looks so... Perfect.
He's also translated this into Italian, available for download here:


Having someone ask you if they can translate a file you've created is very humbling. I was quite impressed XD

jwoltz for pointing out that I hadn't added the FormID for the Sanguine Howl of the Arena spell, and then looking for it for me. You know you want to get rid of it after the related quest. It has no real use after it.
He's also got some pretty neat ideas for the Kvatch Rebuilt mod as a whole - message him. Right now.

The trees - the amount of paper I've wasted writing note after note for this, ESPECIALLY keeping a tally of how many days pass and inevitably losing count and/or forgetting to add a tally... RIP all trees who have given up their lives for this cause. You have died valiantly. -Salute-

And obviously The Kvatch Rebuilt Team for creating this fantastic mod.

Aaaaand the Nexus for giving me someplace to host it. Derp.


Is available for download here:



v1 - Notepad version; no screenshots, several grammatical and spelling errors
v2 - .docx and/or .pdf version; added screenshots, added maps, added missing information, fixed spelling and grammatical errors, put some of the information into tabulature format