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daysire aka nanonashorn

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205 new vanilla-style loadingscreens for Oblivion :)

Permissions and credits
UPDATE: knightspk2 created a version that has a lot of grammatical (and weird formulations) fixed here.

This Plugin adds 205 new Loadingscreens to the game that are held in the vanilla style.
The texts are all lore-friendly. Some of the depicted objects come from other mods (e.g. Better Cities) but these are not needed to play
this Plugin and no Loadingscreen refers to any mod content.
The Shivering Isles don't get new loadingscreens (yet), a special Addon for this is planned later.

- Oblivion Patch (Official 1.2 Patch)

This Plugin contains:
- Loadingscreens-AddOn-readme.txt
- Loadingscreens-AddOn.esp
- Textures Ordner

Please unpack the archive and copy the Loadingscreens-AddOn.esp and the textures folder completely into your Oblivion\Data directory.
After Installation, activate the Loadingscreens-AddOn.esp in the Oblivion game launcher at "Data files" and start Oblivion as usually.
To Uninstall remove the above-mentioned files manually from your Data folder.

This Mod is compatible with every other mod, except for those that change the way loadingscreens are depicted
(e.g. Trollfs Loading Screens Themed Replacer).

Load Order:
It makes no difference where this mod is loaded. Really. (There is only new Data that won't be changed by another mod)

Version 1.0: Release (German only)
Version 1.1: English Release, revised some screens

Used Tools / Programs:
- DDS Converter
- Oblivion Mod Manager (OBMM)
- Photoshop
- TES4Edit
- TES4Files
- Egg of Time Readme Generator

If you would like to say thanks or have trouble with the plugin, questions or advices:
You can find me on TesNexus as daysire or at the Egg of Time and as nanonashorn.

I am much obliged to:
- Bethesda for the TES-Games and the Construction Set (and TESV!!!)
- Everybody who has contributed to the CS Wiki
Espwcially DavidWolf, on whose Photoshop Action File I could build my own and whithout which this plugin wouldn't have been possible
- The Egg of Time and Scharesoft Communities for their enthusiasm, ideas and tips
- The team of the Tamriel-Almanach
- The team of the Imperial Library:
- The team of the Unofficial Elder Scrolls Pages:
- Everyone who placed his screenshots as disposal, namely:
Karl C. Agathon
Meister von Cyrodiil
- Everyone who contributed in any way to my modlist, but better have a look at the readme ;)

If you want to use parts of my mod, do so, but please send me message just for information and give me proper credit :)