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MIV\'s Vampire Overhaul completely changes vampirism in Oblivion, it is inspired by White Wolf\'s World of Darkness. Your mortal body dies when you become a vampire, now you need to feed to become stronger and to use your new abilities.

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MIV's Vampire Overhaul 3.1

MIV's Vampire Overhaul completely changes vampirism in Oblivion, it is inspired by White Wolf's World of Darkness.
Your mortal body dies when you become a vampire, now you need to feed to become stronger and to use your new abilities.

Vampire Clans


Clan Disciplines: Dominate, Fortitude, Presence
Benefits: +5 Intelligence, Personality and Luck Attributes
+20 Speechcraft and Mercantile Skills
Weaknesses: Ventrue taste is rarefied to the point of exclusivity, and each Ventrue may partake of only a certain type of blood... they can't drain blood from the dead even if starving or under duress. Ventrue may feed on vampire blood normally.


Clan Disciplines: Animalism, Fortitude, Protean
Benefits: +5 Strength, Agility and Endurance Attributes
+20 Hand to Hand and Athletics Skills
Weaknesses: Gangrel are very close to the Beast Within, their Humanity drops twice with every innocent victim.


Disciplines: Potence, Fortitude, Presence
Benefits: none
Weaknesses: Caitiff have no clan-based Disciplines, just as they have no clan. For them, the cost of raising Disciplines is 1 Intelligence every vampirism level.

Assamite Antitribu

Disciplines: Celerity, Obfuscate, Quietus
Benefits: ?
Weaknesses: The Warrior Caste suffers from an addiction to vampire vitae and an aura stained by diablerie. Even if they have never actually engaged in diablerie, their aura shows their blood lust clearly.

1. After the Embrace, a vampire can't act in society for some days until he feed enough.
2. More blood a vampire drinks more experience and abilities he accumulates.
3. Blood pool is the maximum number of blood points a vampire may keep in his system, this number depends on the vampire's generation.
4. Vampire expends one blood point each night (or day).
5. A vampire may expend blood points to fuel certain vampiric Disciplines and abilities.
6. Blood of creatures and dead is not as nourishing as the blood of humankin and can't accumulate vampire's experience, but it can quench his thirst for blood. To get new levels and Disciplines vampire have to bite humans.
7. Once a vampire breaks his victim's skin with his fangs that vessel no longer resists the vampire, but after the Kiss, if a vessel's disposition to a vampire is low, a vessel starts combat. But be careful, try do not kill the vessel or you lose your Humaniry.
8. A vampire has the Humanity score. The Humanity keeps a vampire from becoming a mindless animal, enslaved by his thirst for vitae. When a vampire murders someone innosent he lose his humanity.
9. A low Humanity score indicates that very little connects a vampire with his mortal origins. Low score makes a vampire attributes such as Intelligence, Personality, Speechcraft and so on lower and Strengh, Fatigue, Hand to Hand and so on higher. (you may read more about it if you click on "blood poins" or "humanity" in inventory)
10. Blood Bottles can be used to feed a vampire, it doesn't accumulate the experience, but can add vampire's blood points.
11. The Blood is life, so if a vampire has enough blood point he has a chance to avoid the Final Death.
12. Vampires are the children of the night, so at night a vampire's fatigue is regenerating.
13. Vampires are predators and some animals are afraid of them (if they are not Gangrel).
14. Vampires can't feed in combat.
15. Watch your blood pool, small number of blood points sends a vampire into frenzy.
16. If a vampire doesn't feed enough it comes the bloodhunger...
17. Vampires are undead, and undead do not breath under water.
18. Vampires do not like to pray at divine altars.

It is a moral code that allows Kindred to retain their mortal sensibilities in the face of their transformation into parasitic monsters. In essence, it is what keeps a vampire from becoming a mindless animal, enslaved by her thirst for vitae.

Blood Pool
A character's blood pool measures how much vitae the vampire has in his system. The blood pool comprises a number of individual blood points.

Vampire's experience
Level 1 - BloodCount >= 0
Level 2 - BloodCount >= 15 && Days as a vampire >= 5
Level 3 - BloodCount >= 30 && Days as a vampire >= 10
Level 4 - BloodCount >= 50 && Days as a vampire >= 15
Level 5 - BloodCount >= 80 && Days as a vampire >= 20
Level 6 - BloodCount >= 120 && Days as a vampire >= 30
Level 7 - BloodCount >= 150 && Days as a vampire >= 40
Level 8 - BloodCount >= 180 && Days as a vampire >= 50
Level 9 - BloodCount >= 210 && Days as a vampire >= 60
Level 10 - BloodCount >= 250 && Days as a vampire >= 70
Level 11 - BloodCount >= 300 && Days as a vampire >= 80
Level 12 - BloodCount >= 340 && Days as a vampire >= 90
Level 13 - BloodCount >= 380 && Days as a vampire >= 100 on this level you gain the "Embrace" and may spread vampirism all over the Cyrodiil.

In vanilla Oblivion timescale set to 30, I recommend you to type in console "set timescale to 10".

Extract the esp file to your Oblivion directory, click the mod in the launcher, and play.

If you quit game before "Celerity" ends it is possible that your game speed will be changed.
You have to use "Celerity" again or in Oblivion.ini find string:
fGlobalTimeMultiplier=X.XXXX - and replace X.XXXX to 1.0000.

Thanks to
White Wolf Publishing, Inc,
Visman for help with scripts,
Holdfast for testing,
mr_siika for Mr_Siikas bats,
laimisza for Vampire Feeding sound.

You may use:
Less Obnoxious Detect Life V 1.0 by Haydn "Candlemaster" Harach
Life Detect Reduced by CDCooley
and of course
Vampire Vision Fix by Maryoku