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!!! REQUIRES OBSE 0020+ !!!

!!! OPTIONALLY ALSO AddActorValues !!!

KamiCAS lets you use multiple THIRD PERSON animation styles for walking and fighting, for new and old weapons and including dual wielding!

Animations are divided into categories, and for each category you can define as many animation styles as you want. Not one, not two, but however many you want to use! And you can switch styles at the press of a single button.

But wait, there's more! NPCs can use the same animations, either a fixed style or randomly chosen. You can also turn it off if you don't want NPCs to use custom animations at all.

Instructions on how to set it up are in the download. PLEASE READ THE ENTIRE README CAREFULLY! KamiCAS is not hard to set up, but you have to follow the instructions.

KamiCAS does NOT come with any animations of its own! You have to get them from elsewhere. If you find some you like don't forget to endorse them, the authors deserve it. :)


KamiCAS supports the following animation categories.

Hand To Hand
1H Shortsword
1H Longsword
2H Claymore
1H Blunt
2H Blunt
1H Polearm
2H Polearm
Sword & Shield
Blunt & Shield
Polearm & Shield
Dual wielding
1H Katana
2H Katana


Idle animation mods
Deadly Reflex
Unnecessary Violence --
At the moment (N)PCs cannot play idle animations when using a skeleton other than the default. This means idle animation mods will not work unless you switch back to the default skeleton first. This also causes conflicts with Deadly Reflex and Unnecessary Violence. This will be fixed in a future version when there is OBSE support for it (not possible to fix otherwise).

Mayu's Animation Overhaul -- KamiCAS basically supercedes MAO, so you do not need both.

vipcxj's Real High Heels System -- Compatible, but you need to have vipcxj's plugin collection for this to work.

TheTalkieToaster's Playable Creatures -- Compatible as long as you never cycle animations.


Version 2.2
- Bugfix concerning the detection of which weapon category should be active on the player. An unfortunate side effect is that changing weapons in the inventory menu causes your head to disappear! If you do not want this, set bDisableInventoryUpdate to 1 in the .ini.
- Added support for Armamentarium dual wield weapons.

Version 2.1
- Recompiled all scripts for non-beta OBSE 20.
- Now includes Controllable Universal Skeleton 1.6 by Growlf.
- Added support for vipcxj's Real High Heels System. You need to have vipcxj's plugin collection for this to work.
- Added support for TheTalkieToaster's Playable Creatures: Switching from default to default skeleton no longer triggers an actual skeleton change, which previously caused the creature skeleton to reset to the default NPC skeleton.

Version 2.0
- Added an option to lock specific NPCs to specific styles. See the LOCK NPC ANIMATIONS section.
- Added bDisableInventoryUpdate setting to disable animation updates in the inventory screen.
- Fixed bug where animations would no longer cycle after switching to Hand-To-Hand style.
- Now includes Controllable Universal Skeleton 1.3 by Growlf.
- Removed dependency on oblivion.esm, so you can use this mod with Nehrim.

Version 2.0 BETA
- Animations are now assigned to the player and NPCs by changing their skeleton path, instead of using specialanims. That means power attacks and all other animations work correctly. The downside is that it requires more disk space and little more thinking ahead when you set everything up.
- NPC styles numbering is now independent from the player's, giving you greater control over which styles/categories NPCs may use.
- Separate (optional) female styles for all categories, just add F to the folder name.
- There are no more separate WalkMale/WalkFemale categories, since all animations are now tied to skeletons.

Version 1.6
- Fixed some errors introduced in the previous version.
- Fixed a mistake in the .ini.

Version 1.5
- Function Update3D is no longer called on the player in first person, supposedly fixing the double body bug.
- When the bDebug flag in the .ini is set, debug messages will be printed to the console and to a log if ConScribe is installed.
- Weapon & Shield category will be chosen if a torch is equipped (falls back to normal 1H category if no W&S category exists for the equipped weapon).
- Added categories 1HKatana and 2HKatana.
- Removed the .ini flag which allowed cycling in first person.

Version 1.4
- Took out spear dual wielding because there are no suitable animations for it, an off-hand looks better with polearm & shield.
- Fixed save game bloat issue.

Version 1.3
- Added .ini setting to enable animation cycling in first person.
- Off-hands are now also detected by the string "off hand".
- Made the .ini prettier.

Version 1.2
- Added dual wield category.
- Fixed Polearm & Shield style looking in the Crossbow folder by mistake.

Version 1.1
- Fixed issue with animations not being reapplied to the PC on game load.

Version 1.0
- Initial release.