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Eastbrink is a town east of Bravil on the other side of the Niben Bay. In your new home town, you'll find a Player Home and NPC's living their daily lives. There are also shops and services. If you have CM Partners, three of the Eastbrinkers are recruitable as Companions.

Permissions and credits
By Antiscamp for Oblivion

Eastbrink is a small town on the eastern shore of Niben Bay. It was once a thriving port, but has declined and nowadays it is just a sad, poverty-stricken backwater part of County Bravil. The sailor's and fishermens's grey, run-down shacks mingle with the luxury homes of families who live on inherited riches from grander days. Your cousin lived there, and he was a ship's captain and rather well-off, because he owned one of the finer houses in town. Now he is dead though; he was killed in battle against pirates not long ago, and he had no heirs. Therefore, you have inherited his old home and may now travel to Eastbrink, take a look at the town and your inheritance, and then decide whether to stay there to live, or leave that godforsaken hole to its destiny.

I created the town (like all my other previous towns) to be used as base and home during my adventures in Cyrodiil. There is nothing as pleasant as coming home after some great adventure and find that life in your home town is still progressing slowly and going by day by day in the same pace although the great troubles and crises in the outer world. The same familiar voices and the same familiar faces. That feeling adds a new dimension to Oblivion adventuring.

Eastbrink is my best town mod yet. It adds a couple of features that were not present in my previous towns. The features of Eastbrink include: A nice player home, well-supplied with storage space, not only on the top two floors, but also in the large basement. Citizens of Eastbrink who have detailed daily routines and their own personalitites. All Eastbrinkers have a dialogue greeting that adds to their personality. An Inn at the Main Road leading south to Leyawiin; complete with bed rental. The town itself is beautiful and detailed; but all interiors and exteriors are designed to fit naturally into the Cyrodiil landscape and style. You won't find anything that wouldn't fit the vanilla game world. There is nothing inbalancing either. You won't find the Super Killer Sword of Death with astronomic stats here. But most interesting of all - three of the Eastbrinkers have been made recruitable through CM Partners for you to take along on your adventures as companions.


Install by placing the files in your Oblivion Data folder. Meshes go into their correct folders as well. Uninstall by removing all the folders and files associated with the mod.

You then need to choose whether you want CM Companions or not. Activate either EastbrinkBasic.esp OR EastbrinkCM.esp. One or the other - do NOT activate both. The Basic one (EastbrinkBasic.esp), does not make the three people recruitable, but everything looks just the same as in the other .esp (EastbrinkCM.esp) and you won't need CM Partners. For the three Companions, CM Partners is required to be installed and activated.

If you don't have CM Partners, but would like to recruit the three adventurers, you can download it here: http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=7819

You can safely remove the .esp you won't be using from your harddrive if you like.


Eastbrink has been marked on your map when you load up the mod for the first time, so you will know where to go. The town is situated east of Bravil, on the other side of Niben Bay. Mayor Fenwin has been entrusted with your late cousin's house key, so you need to talk to him. Also, if you decide to stay, he will sign you up as a citizen of the town. This means all Eastbrinkers will like you a bit more, and you'll get better deals at the shops. Welcome to Eastbrink!


There are three recruitable partners. Zelarah is a Nord Barbarian girl of striking looks, wielding a really dangerous battle axe. she was born and raised in Eastbrink, trained the skills of killing and berserk by her Nord relatives since she was a child, she has now come of age and is ready for battle and adventure. Titus is a young Mage, skilled in the arts of magic, but who wants to get out of Eastbrink, away from his father the Lighthouse watchman and find adventure in the big world. Urghal is an Orc who has read too many bad novels about chivalry and knightly deeds and now he can't wait to get on the road and do some heroism himself.

For more on the functions of your new friends, I referr to the CM Partners documentation. Note that not all functions within CM Partners may function as intended with the Eastbrink adventurers, since they're Partners with a difference.

For some reason, the CM Partners always go on "Always Run" when at home in Eastbrink, meaning they won't wander around, but rather run everywhere they go in town. This is a bit ugly, but I haven't been able to fix it yet.

The CM Partners command "Stay here" does not work (nor does Group Stay) as intended with the Eastbrink people. If you issue that command, they will start going home to Eastbrink instead (this since they have AI packages there), and if you're in town already, they will just revert to their every-day routines. If you want them to stay in a certain position, do use the "Stand Guard" or "Standby" commands instead.


There is a compatibility patch for ImpeReal Forts, Bravil Sea Domes as well as UL Silverfish River Valley by Mhahn123 here.


Zelarah's Armour is supplied by the sexy DMRA Skimpy Mod by Edhildil (http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=28912).

Thanks go out to Blackie who has created the foundation, with CM Partners, upon which I easily made Zelarah, Titus and the Orc Knight into Companions (http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=7819).


You are free to upload this mod to anywhere you like, include Eastbrink Town in your own mods, and feel free to improve on it however you want as well. Just give the proper credits, and a PM if you do!

This mod is provided as-is. I, as creator, cannot be held responsible for any damage this mod does to your computer. Use it at your own risk and backup your saved games before doing so. A lot of effort has gone into keeping the mod clean. To prevent any possible damage caused to saved games, Eastbrink Town has been cleaned with Tes4Edit. i have had no mod conflicts at all, but please do report any conflicts between this and other mods.

Enjoy your new home town. :)


January 15, 2011, INITIAL RELEASE

ANTISCAMP. [email protected], January 2011