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A female only light armor built from various armor mods, for Exnem/HGEC body.

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NAME: Schwertleite Armor
LAST UPDATE: January 10th, 2011

DESCRIPTION: A female armor for the Exnem / HGEC body made with pieces from various armor mods, Schwertleite comes with a one-handed longsword and a shield of a similar design scheme. All three are enchanted with their own stats within the values of level 25-30 vanilla items, an optional file is provided for those who would prefer a thinner thigh than the original.

All items will be added to your inventory upon launching the game; originally I planned to create a stand to pick up all the items at a specific spot, but the best way to avoid mod conflicts was to do this. (Yeah, okay, I admit. I was getting lazy)

The name, Schwertleite, was taken from Wagner's opera Der Ring des Nibelungen (The Ring of the Nibelung), one of the Walkure (Valkyrie) to be specific.

v1.01 (2011/1/14)
- Fixed the small hole on the shoulder of the upperbody mesh that appears only when character is in motion.
- The shield's size was intended to be decreased to 70%, yet somehow I included the vanilla size with the initial upload. Personal preference really, but I strongly recommend the reduced size version.

v1.0 (2011/1/10)
- Initial version.

CREDITS: Special thanks to the following authors of the original armor mods used:
- Hentai (aka zotman12), Dark Rose set / Serenity / Plate of the Shadow
- jimsonzgl, Night Knight Armor
- McMuffin, Daedric Lord Armor
- Skeleton K, NightShade Armor

PERMISSION: In case you wish to use this mod as a resource, you will have to contact the original authors for the use of individual pieces. Otherwise you can edit this mod to suit specific needs (conversion to TFF or BBB for example) and credit this mod on your readme without contacting me.