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Tired of all those armor smith\'s and fashion designer\'s who create all their stuff only for size 0 Elves? You are a lady of size and you want to wear nice clothing and armor too? Then today is your lucky day! Miss Layne Dryant just opened her first Boutique outside of Cheydinhal, specialized in clothing which will suit your needs!

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Tired of all those armor smith's and fashion designer's who create all their stuff only for size 0 Elves? You are a lady of size and you want to wear nice clothing and armor too? Then today is your lucky day!

Miss Layne Dryant just opened her first Boutique outside of Cheydinhal, specialized in clothing which will suit your needs! Thats right, no more starving to wear all those fancy armors and clothes! Well... at least some of them... but its a start!


What does this Mod do?

This Mod adds a little shop outside of Cheydinhal where you can buy all the SPB Curvaceous conversions I did so far. Simply said: The Armors and Clothes you can buy in this shop are all resized by me to fit the SPB Curvaceous body type.

Since my collection of conversions keeps growing I figured it would be better to combine all those Mods into a single one, mainly to avoid the .esp file spam but also to clean up the stores in the Market District a bit, because a lot of other people are dumping their stuff there too. For the same reason all my future conversions will be released as updates to this shop instead as individual files.

I also removed most of my other Mods simply because they are included in this one and not necessary anymore. But fear not, I saved and reuploaded all the cool screenshots you have send me and of course with proper credits :)

Oh and please: If you encounter any issues feel free to bitch at me in the comments section! This is the first time I used the construction set for more then dumping a bit stuff here and there. I playtested it many times and it all worked fine for me, but I'am still a noob who does a lot of mistakes and I need your feedback and criticism to fix those and also to improve myself :)



jojjo's Dread Knight and Drake Knight Armor Mods:

Those are necessary, if you don't have them already, install them first before getting this one.

Speedbusters Curvaceous Body:

This one is not necesarry but recommended, otherwise your character or companion will gain and lose weight whenever you put the armors on and of. If you use electrro's BBB Designer body spell you don't have to use it as your main body though.

Thelios BBB Conversions for the Store:

Strongly recommended! If you want BBB then you will need those files... and Thelios did a great job on them. Many of the outfits also feature other improvements besides the BBB, so I would realy consider this one a "Must Have" :)



If you are using any of my previous Mods then I would recommend you delete all the SPB Heavy AB related .esp files in your oblivion/data folder. This is not necesarry but you won't need those anymore and in the worst case they could create some kind of conflict. You don't need to delete anything else though since all other files will be overwriten and updated.

That being said: Just pull everything out from the rar archive into the data folder in your Oblivion Dictionary, overwrite everything you are asked, activate the "Trashdog's SPB Heavy AB Shop" .esp file in your Data Files or Mod Manager Menu and you are good to go.



None of the clothing or armors in this mod have been created by me, all parts used are from various other Modders from this site. They where only resized by me to fit my favorite female body type. Any outfits in this Mod which support BBB without downloading Thelios BBB Conversions are reweighted versions done by Thelios, so all credits for that go to him of course.

Heavy AB Body Mesh: All Credits go to Speedbuster and electrro
Dread and Drake Knight Armor: All Credits go to jojjo
Barbarian Armor: All Credits go to Apachii, Razorpony and Edhildil
Black Wisteria Armor: All Credits go to N8K
Exnems Sorceress and Rogue Outfits: All Credits go to Exnem and 2pac4eva7 (I used 2pac4eva7's DM Version as a base)
Daedric Armor: All Credits go to Razorpony
Glass Armor: All Credits go to Razorpony, Edhildil and Colourwheel
Finery: All Credits go to Elynda, Calislahn and Amel Mastema
Black, Brown, Light Brown Boots and Lingerie: All Credits go to Speedbuster
Lingerie re-colors: kaiserknight, Thelios for BBB
Beer Maid Outfits: All Credits go to Apachii
Damascus and Blackwood Armors: All Credits go to nao4288
Amazon Armors: All Credits go to Exnem and 2pac4eva7
Blue And White Outfit: All Credits go to pilie
Schwertleite Armor:

- Hentai (aka zotman12), Dark Rose set / Serenity / Plate of the Shadow
- jimsonzgl, Night Knight Armor
- McMuffin, Daedric Lord Armor
- Skeleton K, NightShade Armor

White Rose Alternative and Dancing Shadow Rose Credits:

. Creation of the outfit - Nora
· Female EyeCandy - Body Replacer v1.0.0 by Exnem
· Hentai Gentlemen's EyeCandy Body 1.2.1 by RAIAR & MadCat221
· HG EyeCandy Body manga body set MOD by RAIAR
· Queen's Armory [Heavy] Open the chest ver1.0.0 by J. Ayb color +3
· GloriousMageDress by h.homura
· Whitesquall-Armor for HGEC 2.1.0 by Tona
· R18PN 02 - Lingerie Set for HGEC v1.6.0 by NPR
· Dancers clothes L H for HGEC v1.1.0 by NPR
· Sexy Kunoichi Armor Set for HGEC by TIFF
· HENTAI MANIA Princess of the Sorrow v1.0.0 by Hentai
· Underworld armor v1.0 by zertual
· AT2 Dress Armor Set v1.0.0 by A-Type2 _AKA Speed Buster_

Credits from the Dancer Cloth Readme:

Author: RAIAR

Credits for the Lady Apella Outfit:

Kris, Sinblood and Orion1167

Credits for the Black Bakini:


Credits for the Serenity Outfits:

Thanks to Hentai for creating the original meshes and textures.
Thanks to Xenius for the Black and Gold Serenity textures and original esp.
Thanks to DFSL for the edited mesh used in the Black Serenity mod.
Thanks to Slash197 for the Serenity Armor for LightGUTS Mod
Thanks to arnoldvsthegooch for the Serenity Cloud retexture.

Credits for the Diano and Silver Mithril Armors:

-NPR for creating the armor
-Thelios for reweighting it after my modifications
-Apachii for the Silver Mithril Texture

Credits for the Ambassador of Darkness:

-Hentai for Lovelysuits
-Speedbuster for Beltgirl
-NPR for Kirin armor, Knight armor and Trish armor
-Xiamara for the HGEC clothing meshes
-oldwolf58 for resizing it to SPB Heavy B proportions

Credits for the Black dress:

-Backsteppo and Mudkips
-kaiserknight for the red and purple re-colors

Credits for the High Heels:

-fepc, Petrovich and Khadir

Credis for the Ayleid Armor:

Iomir and his wife!

Alexscorpion : for his modified Elven Boots and wingless Helm.

Credits for the Executioner's Blade:

Speed Demon

Credits for the Decoration used in the Shop:

-All Frames for the Paintings where taken from Hentais Lovely House.
-The Big Round Rug was done by VampyreFoxy.
-All Flowers where done by Phaedra.
-Many thanks to kaiserknight for creating my shop sign.
-Also many thanks to FlingingFeces, Kentsui and kaiserknight again for providing the screenshots which where used on the paintings.



Since I'am not the creator of those clothes and armors I can't give you any permissions. If you want to modify or redistribute any of those files then please check out the permissions of the original creators first.