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This file simply changes female armor meshes of \"Steel\" and \"BlackWood\", And New Shield, Mask, HalfMask, and New Armor set(male & female) is addes.

Permissions and credits
Plate Armor Plus - Woman's Move Edition - ver 1.3
by nao4288


This file simply changes female armor meshes of "Steel" and "BlackWood", And New Shield, Mask, HalfMask, and New Armor set(male & female)

is addes.

New Armor included in this release are

Bronze Armor: Level 1 -
Bronze Boots
Bronze Cuirass
Bronze Gauntlets
Bronze Greaves
Bronze HalfMask
Bronze Helmet
Bronze Mask
Bronze Shield

Steel Armor: Level 3 -
Steel HalfMask
Steel Mask
Steel Pelta Shield

Damascus Armor: Level 17 -
Damascus Boot
Damascus Cuirass
Damascus Gauntlets
Damascus Greaves
Damascus HalfMask
Damascus Helmet
Damascus Mask
Damascus Shield

Dreadnought Armor(Enchantment Damascus): -
Dreadnought Boots
Dreadnought Cuirass
Dreadnought Gauntlets
Dreadnought Greaves
Dreadnought HalfMask
Dreadnought Helmet
Dreadnought Mask
Dreadnought Shield

This New Armor is sold according to the level of the player by all over the Cyrodiil.
And Bronze & Damascus Armor is also available from a treasure chest. Only One of Dreadnought Armor is obtainable, But each parts are sold

at a store in all over the Cyrodiil.

I won't recommend you, but if I'd like to get at any cost, everything is included in the chest put in the TestEnchanted room in a Testing


OMOD file:

OMOD by Alexander 9211:
Alexander 9211 offered me a script of this OMOD.thank you so much!

Option file:

OOO and FCOM version by Xtudo:
Xtudo offered me "OOO and FCOM version" esp,thank you so much!

Manual Installation:

1. Copy the Data folder into (install folder)\Oblivion\

2. Only Copy one of these Data folder in the UpperBody Size folders into (install folder)\Oblivion\

3. Only Copy one of these Data folder in the Lowerbody Size folders into (install folder)\Oblivion\

4. Rebuild Bashed Patch by Wrye Bash.

OMOD Installation:

1. Copy OMOD file to (install folder)\Oblivion\obmm\omod\

2. Start Oblivion Mod Manager.

3. Double click this mod in the right side of the OBMM screen.

4. Select Upper body size.

5. Select Lower body size.

6. Chosen whether OOO-FCOM version is used.

7. Rebuild Bashed Patch by Wrye Bash.


1.3 - Pass-miss of Female gauntlets by ver1.2 is corrected.
LeveledList is adjusted.

1.2 - Misspelling and passing were corrected.
UV of male Cuirass was changed a little(Damascus&Dreadnought).
Enchantment of Dreadnought Armor was strengthened.
Dreadnought Armor was changed so that he could buy it in a store(At each store, a part), and It raised the price.

1.1 - 2 meshes pass is corrected(Steel pelta shield & Damascus Gauntlets).

1.0 - Initial Public Release


OOO and FCOM version : Xtudo

OMOD : Alexander 9211

EVE Project(greaves mesh only) : EVE HGEC Eyecandy Variants Expansion

PAF(base boots mesh) : PAFs Armor Additions for Eyecandy Body

Tools Used:

Blender -
NIFSkope -
Oblivion Mod Manager -
TES4Edit -
TES Construction Set -


You can do whatever you want with this mod but all I ask in return is that you give me credit if you distribute any part of this file.

Special Thanks:

Thanks to Xtudo.
Thanks to Alexander 9211.
Thanks to EVE Project and PAF.
Thanks to Bethesda Softworks and all Oblivion Moder and all Oblivion Fan.