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This mod will add 3 new villages to your game.

Beram is a small farm village east of Cheydinhal, just south of Rickety mine. It has a view on Cheydinhal and the Reed River. This village is famous for their cheese.
Storlien is a small fishing port village on the Niben bay, on the mouth of Corbolo river.
Fort Turjak is an Imperial Legion outpost and a village in the Colovian Highlands, south of Chorrol, west of Hackdirt. It has a tavern where travellers can get bed, food and drink, a few houses, and a legion fort with prison, barracks and headquarters.

In every village you can find something to do.

Originally created by cd470 and martinb, (old version found here). There is minimal new content in this release, the ESP has been cleaned of all dirty and accidental edits, helping with compatibility with other mods and resolving potential problems from some of the dirty edits in-game. Small improvements, tweaks and fixes have also been made.

Reported Incompatible With
CV Templar Castle - reported by venusian
NibenShores Estate - reported by TheRomans

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Arthmoor's Villages... all of them - reported by Sergio1992