Wonderful Lake by BlackPuma
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Added: 04/01/2011 - 04:22PM
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Last updated at 19:20, 9 Jan 2011 Uploaded at 16:22, 4 Jan 2011

For some time now I've been looking for mods that add some peace, quiet and balance to the cluttered land of Cyrodiil. I was not successful however, so I set out to make a new mod of which the soul purpose was to give the player a sense of serenity.

A place where you can just walk around with your character without having to fear being run down by annoying mud craps, bears, slaughter fish and/or wolfs.

I created; Wonderful Lake. located in the Nibenay Basin area (north-east of Bravil). Nothing fancy, but just a nice little addon where you can slide your worries off your shoulders and wash away your cares with a relaxing swim.

[NOTE: Might contain minor errors like floating rocks and such. I am still working on ironing them out.]


First download the ''WonderfulLake.esp'' file, and put it in the ''Data'' folder of Oblivion.

Activate the mod, start the game, and head to the Nibenay Basin area and find the lake close to the ''Mackamentain'' ruins and ''Treossan Camp''.

Change Log

Fixed: Many floating rocks/trees/plants (still in progress).
Added: Jewelery Box in cabin.
Added: Rocks on the bottom of the lake.