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Templar Castle:
This mod is a Templar Castle player home with a historical Medieval Gothic style. Although it's a player home, it's more like a small city. It is located at the North end of the Niben Bay. This mod features 2 short quests, a working pipe organ, shops and many areas to explore. It contains many new meshes and high resolution textures. There are some areas that don't serve a purpose at the moment, but I hope to create quests as an add on for this location. This mod also contains a collection of some of the best Templar armor and weapons by various modders, they are cited in the credits section.

With this mod, I strove for historical accuracy, not the Templars of fiction such as in the Da Vici Code. That being said, there is no exact time in which this mod takes place. I used elements throughout a large period of time.

* Shivering Isles
* Latest official patch Latest Patch

* With the many high resolution textures and real lighting, slower computer may not be able to run this mod well.

Known conflicts:
* Zira Niben Bay Horse Ranch, to fix this get Zira Niben Bay Castle Zira Niben Bay Castle
* Fort Akatosh Redux
* Mannimarco Complete, just load this mod first

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If this mod causes your game to crash and/or the knights' armor doesn't appear, it's probably an issue of your installation directory. Oblivion should be installed under "Program Files" and not "Program Files (x86)". This will avoid problems with many older mods. If this doesn't work, try playing it with a new character.

* Nollemasters Crusader Gear
Author: Nollemaster (armor)
Author: Phitt (helmet)
* Templar Fighters Guild
Author: LazyMonk (female armor)
* VinSwords
Author: Vinniemc
Author: Thorsten Folkers
* Capes and Cloaks
Author: Someone1074
* Apachii Goddess Store (cross necklace)
Author: apachii
* Art of War weapon pack
Author: rdjeke
* HelBornesSpearSet10
Author: HelBorne, Kastien
* TemplarHistory.com
* The Templar Rule
* The Templars
Author: Piers Paul Read

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