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About this mod

This MOD for Oblivion provides unique attack animation for every type of weapon.

Permissions and credits
- MOD: Cotyounoyume Combat Animation Overhaul
- Version: 0.992
- Author: cotyounoyume
- Introduction VIDEO:

You need OBSE v.0.20 or higher ( not equal 0020b6 ).

CCAO is MOD that enables the use of individual animation (stance) according to the weapon with which Player and NPC are equipped.

Now, CCAO has only 1 mode - Specialanims Change Mode -, and the power attack can be used in this mode.

The composition of CCAO changed greatly since Ver. 0.95.

1. Addition of individual application mode of power attack(Skeleton Change Mode):

CCAO has two modes. They are Skeleton Change Mode and Specialanims Change Mode. And, you can freely change this while playing a game.

- Skeleton Change Mode:
To be brief, each actor can use an original power attack of each weapon in this mode.
However, you cannot use most Pose MOD in this mode.
Even if you use Pose MOD, NPC will become posture in the state of standing.

- Specialanims Change Mode:
The actor cannot use a power attack different in each weapon in this mode. Each actor uses a common power attack of Obivion original (Vanilla).
However, The mode can be used together with Pose MOD.

You can use these modes properly according to the Play style.

2. A lot of additions of stance and customizing of stance

CCAO added a lot of stances from Ver. 0.95.
Moreover, a reserve stance for the user definition was added. The stance for which you hope can be freely set.
The key word related to the stance can be freely set.
These can be set with the CCAOCommand.ini file.

3 Definition of profile and application to NPC

CCAO added the following definitions.
For instance, whenever you want always to apply the same motion to your companion, you can set it by defining the profile.
Moreover, when there is NPC that doesn't want to apply CCAO, you can register FormID of NPC in DisabledNpcList.

Limitations & credits:
You must not modify or redistribute this mod without my permission.

Special thanks to:
-OBSE-team: Thank you for making the script extender.
-PsychoCuten: Thank you for having granted the use permission of this wonderful motion.
CCAO is using "The Jump Project"'s motion ( http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=37177 ).
-Kastien(KSTN): Thank you for your works. I used your wonderful animation MOD for use explanation of my MOD.