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A very little mod that gives some more variety to the vanilla vampire NPCs, makes them VERY STRONG (until you reach level 20 or so), and most important, gives them hoods!

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Vampire Diversity

Requirement: Vampire Goblins by Jara

A very little mod that gives some more variety to the vanilla vampire NPCs, makes them VERY STRONG (until you reach level 15 or so), and most important, gives them hoods!

Previously vampires would scale to the players level in a range +2 - +5, which is hardly menacing: at level 1 the player might have some trouble, but as soon as you get an enchanted weapon and some skill, vampires become essentially (creepy) bandits.
Plus, even though there are vampires of all the playable classes, all three vampire templates of a class are also of the same race (all three vampire warriors are orcs, all vampire witchhunters are high elves...) and there are no Khajiit or Argonian vampires in their ranks.

This mod addresses all those things. Vampires will now be ALWAYS at least level 15, and the basic classes can come in two variations: the normal one, which scales in levels 15-25, and the Ancient one, which are at levels between 25-35 and start appearing at player's level 15. Finally, Patriarchs and Matriarchs are at levels 30-40. Its basically like a level unscaler mod for vampires.
Needless to say, vampires are now something a young character does not want to bump into unless he is specifically prepared to battle them. More experienced characters should be capable to battle them effectively.
The mod introduces variety into the vampire ranks, and changes the race of one of the three templates for each vampire class. Thus there is now the possibility of finding a Khajiit vampire thief, an Argonian vampire scout, or an imperial vampire witchhunter.

This mod will also add a special leveled spell pool of spells any vampire should be proficient with. Since vampirism increases the destruction, illusion and mysticism skills of the afflicted, all vampires will have access to mysticism, destruction and illusion spells that other NPCs, like rogue mages and conjurers, can use. Expect any type of vampire being capable of things like casting fireballs, use dispel, or chameleon, regardless of his class.

It 'fixes' some inconsistencies. Vampire healers were being called Sorcerers, so their name has been corrected. Vampire Knights were actually warriors, so their class has been changed to knight. Vampire scouts were using heavy armor, so I changed that to light.

New in version 1.2 is the addition of the Vampire Goblins by Jara, which you must download and install separately. Vampire goblins can appear whenever an animal might appear in a vampire dungeon, like wolves and rats. They are undead type creatures, much more strong and lethal than regular goblins, and can use vampire spells. You can also collect vampire dust from their corpses.

Some vampire classes have extra abilities. Vampire barbarians are immune to poison, vampire monks have additional resistance to normal weapons, and vampire sorcerers can absorb spells cast at them. Also, all vampires can now use Reign of Terror to silence you.

And finally, vampires now have hoods a la Daggerfall, since almost none of them were using helmets anyway. All vanilla unenchanted hoods can appear on a vampire.

Just drop Vampire Diversity.esp in your Data folder and activate it. No special uninstall procedures needed either.

Known issues
This mod affects the vanilla vampires and their leveled lists. It is incompatible with overhauls such as MMM or OOO, which already expand greatly the vampire NPCs. This is just for those who don't use those but still want some overhaul to the vampires.
The vampire leveled lists are altered by this mod, best to use Wrye bash to solve any possible conflicts.

You probably know what to do :)