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Changes to the vanilla vampirism system to make it a bit more interesting. New powers, chapel damage, dynamic vampirism and more.

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Vampire Power

"As a vampire you must feed regularly. The longer you go without blood, the stronger you will become, but there are dramatic adverse effects as well. Forgo your feeding, and you will no longer be able to blend into "normal" society. You will be shunned as a monster. And let's not forget sunlight..."

- Vicente Valtieri, notorious vampire

This mod tries to overhaul the vanilla vampirism as much as possible while still keeping its base design the same as it was in vanilla: drinking blood "makes you weaker" indeed, but at least now there are some advantages to being well fed. Plus many more, all of it spiced up with the power of OBSE.
Many features of this mod are configurable in the 'ini/Vampire Power.ini' file.

Vampire Power.esp
The main file which is the mod per se. Where to start?

- Porphyric Hemphilia will now get progressively worse every hour, hindering your fatigue regeneration. You can offset this by sleeping, every three hours of sleep will decrement one hour of progress of the disease, but the only way to get rid of it is to cure the disease. There is now a small chance that falling asleep with the disease will cause a major advance of it, signaled by nightmares, and the day count to full fledged vampirism will advance by one.

- Dynamic vampirism uses OBSE to alter how your vampirism progresses. Instead of advancing 25% every 24 hours, it will now advance 1% every hour, and so will your bonuses to skills (which scale from 0 at 1% vampirism to 30 at 100%), attributes (0-20), resist normal weapons (0 - 50), fire weakness (10-50) and sun damage (from 1 at 26% vampirism to 8 at 100%). By using this you will gain access to features like being able to toggle your vampirism on and off through consumption of your magicka, so that it wont hinder you when talking to people, or disabling sun damage completely (cheatish, must be enabled in the .ini)
Whether you use it or not, your vampirism can advance in real time instead of requiring you to sleep (although this also gets rid of the nightmares), which requires planning of your blood meals so that you wont advance to 50% vampirism while out in the day and start receiving sun damage.

- With dynamic vampirism, if you keep well feed, you can receive attribute bonuses based on a 'cyrodiilic clan': Up to 20 points in Personality, Blade, Speechcraft and Illusion. This bonus will fade away as your vampirism increases, and disappear at 25% vampirism. You can enable another feeding incentive, that will prevent you from sleeping or waiting if you haven't drank blood for more than 24 h.

- Many dialog responses pertaining vampirism have been unlocked and enhanced. For instance, a lot of HELLO responses, which NPCs will say when walking near them, have been unlocked. NPCs will notice your vampirism when it goes over 75% and you are near them, with no need to talk to them directly. They will also notice your vampirism when you talk directly to them if its over 25% with the usual scared responses like 'Get away from me!', etc. By default, every time this happens you will get a small bounty (you can turn it off in the .ini). Aditionally, guards will try to kill you outright if they notice you are a vampire. Such is the life of a monster...
The result is that you will find it a lot more difficult to talk to people when you have not drank any blood for more than 24 h, and after 72 h things will start getting very problematic.
But there are a few ways to overcome this. Like wearing the Gray Cowl of Nocturnal or the Masque of Clavicus Vile, using Vampire Seduction, being in the same faction as the person you talk to (or him being a member of the Mages Guild), or simply being charming enough (people with 100 disposition towards you will generally not be scared of you). Nobody in the Shivering Isles will care about your vampirism either.
Additionally, when your character is hit, you may now exclaim one of the vampire specific hit sounds (Gahhh, Hisss, Nooo...)

- Drinking blood from sleeping people, human blood bottles and Oblivion blood fountains will regress your vampirism and heal you an amount configurable in the .ini. By default it heals a quarter of your health, and the effects from human blood last two minutes (drain fatigue 60 pts and resist poison 50%). You might consider carrying them around at higher levels for good healing and poison resistance. Your vampirism will regress to the PREVIOUS level in which you are, not to the first. So you might need to drink several times to return to the first stage.

- Walking inside any building owned by the Nine Divines faction, mainly churches and chapels, will cause you to continuously suffer holy damage. You can configure this in the .ini to scale with your vampirism level, or turn it off completely.

- New vampire powers and enhancing of the old ones:

- 25% vampirism or lower
  • Hunters Sight is now toggled on and off, and you can choose between having night eye, detect life, or both active. It can also be controlled through a hotkey.
  • Vampire's Touch, good absorb health spell that will come in very handy
  • If you have LAME installed, you will gain a spell to summon wolves with no cost

- 25 - 50%
  • Mesmerism, will calm your enemies for a time
  • Free and long range telekinesis power

- 50 - 75%
  • If you have Supreme Magicka installed you will be able to levitate for 15 seconds at a time.
  • A powerful and costly area paralysis power

- 75 - 100%
  • A powerful command humanoid power
  • Wave of blood, basically kills or severely weakens almost everything in a 15 ft radius and transfers their health to you once a day, only for the PC

Plus improvement of the old ones, which are now immune to silence/reflect/absorb. Embrace of shadows now provides 100% chameleon for 30 seconds, beware of enemy vampires using it.

Optionally NPC vampires can also use these new spells: the summon wolf, paralysis and Vampire Touch ones.

-Lastly, you can now become a vampire multiple times, turn off the screen glow of sun damage, and as a vampire critters like rats and wolves won't attack you, and some more. Check the ini!

Vampire Power - Hindaril.esp
Hindaril, the most powerful vampire, they couldn't defeat him so he was sealed in Redwater Slough... is a wimpy warrior only 5 levels ahead of you, with no combat equipment nor spells???
This will give Hindaril, the vampire you must slay in the Vampire Cure quest, a much needed IMO tune up. Be sure to go to Redwater Slough very well prepared... or prepare to suffer at his hands. New dialog for Hindaril (you WILL have to go through it, so you might as well grab Elys USV and read it), a new weapon only vampires can use (guess who is holding it?), and most important, Melisande can now really provide you with more potions of cure vampirism, should you ever need it.

Vampire Power - Light of Day.esp
Seridur from the Order of the Virtuous Blood quest also gets an overhaul in this mod, so go face him prepared. He will now actually look like a vampire, and be on good terms with other vampires, when you go face him. After you have beaten him, you can access a powerful weapon in his basement... but powerful only against other vampires. Some might remember this weapon...
Light of Day will smite an amount of damage dependent on your fame weighted against your infamy, plus a bonus if you have completed the pilgrimage. You will not be able to wield it if you are an infamous character, or a vampire of course. Also, Roland Jenseric will now accept vampire dust in batches of 1, 5, 10, or all of them.

Drop the files in your 'Oblivion/Data' folder. Make sure the ini goes to you 'Data/ini' folder, and look through it to configure the mod to your liking!
The other two files for Light of Day and Hindaril are optional, though you might want to install them anyway for the new weapons and for curing your vampirism multiple times. If Hindaril was already killed in your game, you probably won't be able to get his weapon though.

If you are using the dynamic vampirism feature, enter in the console 'set VampirePowerQ.bUseAltVampirism to 0', wait for 5 seconds, then save your game and exit. You can then safely remove Vampire Power.esp, the Hindaril and Light of Day files can be used standalone and you can remove them any time you want.

This mod relies heavily on the vanilla vampirism system, so its surely incompatible with most vampire overhauls.

Load after mods changing the VampireScript or shrine/altar scripts, and HumanBlood potion, like the UOP and OOO. Fixes by the UOP are included.

Best to load the optional Hindaril and Light of Day files after mods changing Hindaril or Seridur, though you can merge changes in Wrye Bash.

Known Issues or Bugs
This mod isn't as cool as most vampirism overhauls out there, it just tries to make vanilla vampirism a bit more interesting without going overboard.

You should do whatever you want with this mod and complain to me if it works and your PC blows down.