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Become a vampire instantaneously through the Dark Minion in the official DLC The Vile Lair.

Permissions and credits
Name: Vile Lair Vampirification
Category: Official Plugins
Requirements: Oblivion Patch, The Vile Lair official plugin (what's up with Bethesda store this time???)

This little plugin adds a new dialog topic to the Dark Minion found in the official DLC The Vile Lair, named 'Vampire'. He will offer you the possibility of becoming a vampire.
Yes, read well, 'becoming a vampire'. He won't just infect you with Porphyric whatever, you will be turned into a vampire right in the spot, skipping all that 3 days wait and what not.
All of it decorated with some dialogue, I hope you won't find it disrupting or unrealistic.

'OMG I changed my mind how do I mortal again?' Easy kiddos, you have a friggin Font of Renewal at your disposal 24/7 after all...
As you might have guessed, a side effect is that you can become a vampire and cure yourself of it as many times as you wish.

I could have thought of a method to implement this into vanilla, with no dependencies on an official plugin. Alas, I didn't. So people with the official plugins will now have an extra benefit to them.

Get creative. Or drop DLCVileLair - Vampire.esp into your Data folder and activate it in your launcher of choice.
Make sure it loads AFTER DLCVileLair.esp

Click the file. Press DEL. Say 'Bloody Mary' three times in front of a mirror (very important!!!)

Known Issues or Bugs
If you try to load this mod without having the official Vile Lair mod loaded as well, your computer will explode, your girlfriend will dump you, and commando cockroaches will eat your short shorts, ALL OF IT AT THE SAME TIME. Don't say I didn't warn you.

Best to use the Unofficial Oblivion Patch to fix the many problems found in the vanilla Vampire script.


1.0, 2010/12/22 - Initial release.

1.1, 2011/01/14 - Got rid of the quest and script to save performance, its all in the dialogue now. Hope its not too "uninmersive"

Quite a good movie. Go rent/buy it and watch it (Even better read the book!).

As for me, you can contact me by sending me money. Any other method is useless. Except clicking my name up in this page.

Thanks to Bethesda for chaining me to my basement.
Thanks to TESNexus.com for satisfying all my necessities...
Thanks to LHammonds for the Readme Generator my life depends on.
Thank God its all over...

You must do whatever you want with this mod but do complain to me if it does work or your PC blows.