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AH1's HGEC Navel Piercings
Version: 1.0c
Release Date: 12/16/2010
Latest Update: 1/16/2011

Latest Update Notes: TESNexus user Itgrog has graciously provided a conversion for the TGND body. To use this, simply download the main file and Itgrog's conversion, then overwrite the meshes folder in the main file with the conversion files. Thanks again to Itgrog!

HGEC Fighter
HGEC Normal
LAB Body
(If you know of any more, please let me know)


CONFIRMED INCOMPATIBLE BODIES (PM me if you'd like to do a conversion):
Robert's Male and Female Bodies
Vanilla bodies (no conversion planned)

Russian by Unreal75 (See Russian readme included for Russian-specific considerations)

This mod was developed on the HGEC Fighter body, but is compatible with above listed bodies.

Finding mods for almost everything else in Oblivion, from retextures to armors and animations, I was a bit frustrated when I couldn't find a good comprehensive navel piercings mod. After all, navel piercings seem common enough in the real world, why not in Oblivion? Sure, there were mods that added piercings, but usually these were full body piercings or simply one or two piercing choices.

Not anymore! This mod adds nearly 150 navel piercings, both barbells and rings, of a wide variety of shapes, colors, and themes.

Included in this package are piercings that come in both gold and silver, ring and barbell, and contain the following mixtures of gemstones: black pearl, diamond, emerald, opal, ruby, and sapphire.

In addition, an optional ESP file is included that enchants certain navel piercings to have similar enchantings to the amulets they replace. This file is optional, and not required to enjoy the mod. If you enable it, a selection of enchanted piercings will appear alongside their non-enchanted counterparts in stores. If you want to make use of the enchantments, simply enable this. The two are fully compatible with each other now, and may be enabled alongside each other. Alternatively, for advanced players, all the enchantments are in the Construction Set if you wish to assign some enchantments but not others. Keep in mind, these enchantments, while not godly, will RADICALLY increase the price of the piercings!


Adds almost 150 navel piercings to clothing, jewelry, and general goods sellers around Oblivion. Sellers in each town sell piercings that are appropiate to their shop, or to their locale. These are:

Lelles' Quality Merchandise (Anvil)
-sword charms

A Warlocks Luck (Bravil)
-Oblivion symbols

Nord Winds (Bruma)
-axe charms

Novaroma (Bruma)
-Varla stones

Borba's Goods and Stores (Cheydinhal)
-Knights of the Thorn insignia

Northern Goods and Trade (Chorrol)
-The Fighters Guild insignia

Red Diamond Jewelry (Imperial City-Market District)
-Jeweled rings
-Amulet of Kings theme
-Mage's Guild symbol

Divine Elegance (Imperial City-Market District)
-Jeweled barbells
-Akatosh Dragon and Imperial symbol
-Knights of the Nine theme

Colovian Traders (Skingrad)

In each store the rings are in a jewelry box named "Navel Piercings Box", for those who might want to steal them instead. The lock on the box is "Very Hard", but does not require a key. I have also added an unlocked box containing all the piercings in the Clothing Test Warehouse, for those who either are having problems for some reason with the stores, or just want access immediately to everything without paying, traveling, or stealing.

1) Decompress the archive to the location of your choice
2) Extract the Data folder to your Oblivion install directory.
3) Enable "Navel Piercings.esp" in either OBMM, WyreBash, or the Oblivion launcher. If you want piercings that use the Tail Slot, choose "Navel Piercings TAIL.esp". If you want to add enchanted navel piercings, enable "Navel Piercings Enchanted.esp", "Navel Piercings Enchanted TAIL.esp" for tail slot. All may be enabled at the same time, it will just add lots of duplicates to the stores. I recommend only enabling the ones you need.
4) (Optional) Merge into your WyreBash bashed patch if necessary or desired (suggested bashed tag: {graphics})
5) Launch the game!

Navel Piercings.esp (and the like) MUST be loaded AFTER any body mods.

Remove or delete the following files and folders:
1) Oblivion/Data/Navel Piercings.esp, Navel Piercings Enchanted.esp, Navel Piercings Enchanted TAIL.esp, and Navel Piercings TAIL.esp
2) Oblivion/Data/Meshes/Navel Piercings
3) Oblivion/Data/Textures/Navel Piercings
4) Oblivion/Data/Textures/Menus/Icons/Navel Piercings
5) Rebuild your bashed patch if you merged during installation

This mod replaces nothing, and changes nothing, so it should be compatible with almost anything. However, the following considerations should be taken:

1) This mod was developed and intended for the HGEC body.(http://tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=15802) However, it is compatible with other bodies as listed at the top of this readme.

If it works on other bodies, that is great! Please let me know and I will update the compatibility section of this readme.

2) Any mods that modify, remove, or change the stores or NPC storekeepers listed above will likely cause troubles. This can be worked around by either manually changing the mod yourself in the Construction Set, or just going to the Clothing Test Warehouse and getting the piercings that way.

3) IF YOU CHOOSE THE AMULET SLOT OPTION: Any mod (including WyreBash) that enables the usage of unlimited amulets is not technically compatible. This is not my fault, it is a problem with the Oblivion engine. If you want to see these, you need to turn off that options in WyreBash or disable any mod you are using that enables it. There are mods that allow you to see the first amulet equipped, but they conflict with other mods like Midas Magic. So use those at your discretion, or use the tail slot optional ESP.

3) Because this is a navel piercing, I recommend downloading mods that either replace the vanilla armors with more feminine versions or custom armors that show off the midriff. Otherwise, what's the point?

4) Because of the sheer amount of mods that exist, it is impossible for me to know what exactly might cause problems. I have tested this mods extensively, and I have no found any compatibility problems except those listed above. However, please let me know about any potential compatibility issues.

1) With some extreme body positions (i.e. getting knocked back, certain dodges), some clipping can occur. It is temporary, and largely unnoticable as I have taken great care to reduce it. However, I cannot test every animation replacer or position known to man, so this is an issue that will always remain to some extent.

2) The container in the Clothing Warehouse sometimes fails to merge correctly when more than one ESP is loaded. Aim at different parts of the container to open the unmerged stacked containers.

Please report any other issues or bugs immediately, keeping in mind the compatibility statement above first.

1) Xiamara's New Amulets was the main inspiration for this mod, and incorporates several meshes and textures from that mod (http://www.tesnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=13360) including:
-Butterfly, Oblivion, Ankh, and Heart meshes
-Any textures that begin with "Xia"

2) Bethesda Softworks, I modified several textures and meshes from Oblivion to make this mod.

3) Special thanks to TheNexusForums user Ghogiel (http://www.thenexusforums.com/index.php?/user/209926-ghogiel/) who helped me early on when I was having trouble getting something to work right.

4) Special thanks to TESNexus user Unreal75 for supplying a Russian translation.

5) Special thanks to TESNexus user Itgrog who has adapted the piercings for the TGND body.

All other meshes and textures except those otherwise mentioned were created by me, I spent nearly as much time in Photoshop creating textures as I did in Blender creating meshes. Please respect this.

Because I am now focusing on Skyrim and no longer actively playing Oblivion, I have opened the permissions for this file for general usage. AS LONG AS YOU CREDIT ME FULLY: You MAY repackage this file or adapt it for any other game. In fact, I hope someone will take it upon themselves to update this for Skyrim and adapt it for Fallout 3 and NV. You no longer need to contact me prior so long as I am fully credited.

You MAY NOT use this mod in part or in entirety as part of mod on a pay-site, or a pay-for-use Steam download without asking for and receiving my explicit permission.

Private message user AH1 at TESNexus with any bug reports or compatibility issues. Otherwise, please use its download page for general comments or inquiries. I care about the quality of my mod and the people using it, so if there is a problem, please let me know before downrating it!

v1.0 (12/16/10):
v1.0a (12/16/10):
-Updated to include a missing texture
v1.0b (12/16/11):
-Updated to include piercings that use the tail slot or the amulet slot.
-Made enchanted piercings available as an option without needing to disable regular piercings.
-All ESP files can now be loaded simultaneously.
v1.0c (1/3/11):
-Fixed a few minor mesh issues