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This is my retexture of the Mandrake (Mandragora) plant in Oblivion.

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Version: 1.1
Author: hlvr
Date: 14 April, 2011

This is my retexture of the Mandrake (Mandragora) plant in Oblivion.
The reason I did this was because when I was peacefully travelling around in Colovia,
I was interrupted by the horrible looks of the vanilla Mandrake plants.
The problem was, also, that they were so many!
I had to do something about it, and this is what I did ;)
I couldn't find any mod that enhanced these textures enough, so I thought I could do it myself.

The resolution was kept at 512 x 512.
It should be noted that I'm not very experienced, but I did my best with what I already know, which isn't that much...
This is my second retexture ever. I'm sure there are people who can do a lot better than me.
Feel free to try, and if you do, please message me so I could use it too ;)

Version 1.1
Since version 1.1, the Mandrake plant has been completely overhauled once again! I'm very happy about the new results and I hope you'll be too!
If you have downloaded 1.0 before, uninstall that and download 1.1 and install that one instead.
See the pictures on TESNexus for a proper comparison!


To install this, simply drag the files in the Data folder.
If asked to overwrite, accept. I've also included an OMOD, just for... the "organizing" people, like me.

However, you should not be asked to overwrite, since... this SHOULD be the only retexture made for the Mandrake plant (I couldn't find any).
If not, I may have done this in vain... so please message me if you know another mod that does this.

Archive invalidation may be required to make these textures show up in-game.
If you are new to Oblivion and have no idea what this is or why this could be needed,
read: http://devnull.sweetdanger.net/archiveinvalidation.html

Credit goes to 3dmd.net for the base textures I used and worked on.

Credit also goes to Bethesda Softworks for parts of the texture as well, and of course, obviously, for making this game.

Since version 1.1, credit also goes to:

www.lovetextures.com for the texture "Leaf alone"

Jacob Gube (SixRevisions) for the texture "Leaf Texture 01"

www.www.mega-tex.nl for the texture "P1011419.jpg"

Brett Morrison for his "Pink Flower Petal Texture".