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Added: 26/04/2006 - 05:57PM
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Once you exit the sewers, you start to mess with the clutter: Tons of keys, hundreds of ingredients, more potion than all apothecaries on Vvardenfell together. And only six visible slots! Of course, you can install an UI mod and get 16, or 20, but you want the real deal.
Suddenly, you wish you had the Morrowind inventory back…

Well - here you are! :)
The fully featured interface mod wz_Inventory brings back the good old grid-based inventory. And fully configurable too!

A whole bunch of config options make it easy for you to suit the inventory to your your likings. Among several style options such as transparencies, item sizes, row and column count, layout settings like horizontal or vertical grid, you can choose from two themes to use:

* The classical journal theme, which uses Oblivion's default journal looks but replaces the list with a grid view.
* The new and improved container theme, making better use of the screen layout, and providing cool features such as dynamic inventory resizing.

Now even comes with Collapsing Categories to hide whole sections, for example the oh-so-cluttered keys.

Customisation can further be archieved by using custom separator or grid images, easily adjustable in the config file, or using the bundled key file for the TweakOblivion GUI editor.

But what if you run into a situation where the list view would come in handy? No problem, toggling between can be done in-game! And if you generally prefer the list view for one specific tab, e.g. Alchemy, you can mark it default.