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Disappearing Grass Bugfix Plugins for \"The Elder Scrolls IV - Oblivion + Shivering Isles\" and \"Nehrim - At Fate\'s Edge\"

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Bugfix Plugins for "The Elder Scrolls IV - Oblivion + Shivering Isles" and "Nehrim - At Fate's Edge"

by Xerus

What do these plugins fix?

During the gameplay it may happen that sometimes certain grass types are suddenly disappeared, resulting in sparse grass vegetation or even in blank landscape textures which normally are covered with dense grass. This bug occurs when you stay in the same landscape cell and look around for awhile so that the game engine needs to regenerate the grass several times. Not all grass types are equally affected and it is well possible that you have not noticed that bug yet. However, it is more noticeable in the total conversion Nehrim than in the original Oblivion. In any case, these small plugins for Oblivion and Nehrim should solve this problem without any negative side effects. They may not completely fix the disappearance of the grass, but they make it happen much less often. The plugin for Oblivion also fixes the affected grasses in Shivering Isles, but I think it should work for the normal Oblivion, too.

How do these plugins work?

I have figured out that grass types with a relatively small "Position Range" disappear much sooner than those where this parameter is set closer to 74.0000. So grass types with a "Position Range" of e.g. 40.0000 already disappear completely after about 15 regenerations, but those with a "Position Range" of 74.0000 and above seem never to disappear. I have also detected that a "Position Range" below 65.0000 has no visible effect on the grass in the game when the "iMinGrassSize" parameter within the "Oblivion.ini" file is set to its default of 80. My idea was to increase the "Position Range" of each grass type to at least 65.0000 to avoid the annoying grass disappearance and it really works fine. However, these grasses will still continue to disappear, but the game engine needs to regenerate them about 150 times before this can happen at all.

How to use these plugins?

- Make sure that the "iMinGrassSize" parameter in your "Oblivion.ini" file is set to its default of 80.
- Copy the "GrassFix.esp" resp. "NehrimGrassFix.esp" to your "...\Oblivion\Data" resp. "...\Nehrim\Data" directory and don't forget to activate it.

Have Fun, Xerus